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Pepper Guns

Pepper Guns For Self Defence With gun control laws in South Africa becoming tighter and stricter, an effective alternative to self defence is by using Pepper Guns. They are great for additional defence (over and above your side arm), are less lethal (but could still kill someone) and requires no licence. You also do not […]

Voice Alert

Voice Alert – Voice Alarms Normal burglar alarms are not deterrents.  If you are on a farm then your neigbours are not going to hear it.  If you are in a town or city, your neighbours are going to ignore it.  Your alarm does not scare intruders. However, if you see your alarm as part […]

Robo Guard

Robo Guard The roboguard is a stand alone, wireless automatic outdoor intruder security system using passive infrared sensor beams that detect movement up to 20 meters away in an 110° arc. Each guard has two sensors one on top and one at the bottom, each emitting 11 beams, a top and bottom beam have to […]

Home Security Books

Home Security Books Home Invasion : Robbers Disclose What You Should Know Rudolph Zinn A disturbing must read for South Africans. The author gives us an insight into the modus operandi of criminals and their propensity to resort to violence. The bottom line is that if criminals perceive or have information that you have jewellery , […]

Boere trek polisievrou vas

Boere Schweizer Reneke 23 May 2010 Amanda Roestoff – Beeld 2010-05-23 ’n Polisievrou is in hegtenis geneem ná ’n plaasaanval in Schweizer-Reneke, Noordwes, en ’n voormalige polisielid word in verband met die voorval gesoek. Mnr. Abraham Oosthuizen (35), ’n saai-en-beesboer op die plaas Grootlaagte, is Vrydag 20:00 aangeval toe hy by sy plaas aangekom het […]