Master Your Rifle Over Long Distances


This course is from beginner or novice shooters.
Your own scoped rifle is required – not carbine

This course is currently only available in Pretoria

From Novice to Sharpshooter: Your Journey Begins with the Lone Operator GOFAR Training!

You have just purchased your rifle and scope and you’ve listened to everything that the salesman has told you and now you need to go out to the range and put all this into practice!

You’re on your own and you end up getting a bit frustrated because things are not working out as simple and straightforward as what your expectation was?

All the picatinny, Mils and MOA’s, trajectories, twist rates, barrel lengths, harmonics and such driving you to tears?

We want to invite you to join us on the Lone Operator GOFAR course.

The course has been designed for people new to shooting with rifles, or long guns as they’re often referred to and even for those who have owned a rifle with an optic for some time and have the desire to understand better what it is that they own. This understanding should enable you to progress into the beginnings of the various disciplines of long-range shooting and give you more confidence in the hunting field.

The course consists of three modules, covering subjects such as:

  • Cartridges
  • Ballistics
  • Optics
  • Rifles and accessories
  • Fundamentals of rifle shooting
  • Terminology and “catch phrases” so prevalent in discussions on this topic will also be unravelled!

The objective is to get you the point where you can achieve the impact where you want it and understand how you achieved this rather than just going for blind luck! We have specifically designed the course of fire to achieve this and to build your confidence when using your rifle with the minimum round count.

Why Should You Join Us?

  1. Skill Development: You would have the opportunity to develop essential skills in rifle shooting, covering ballistics, optics, and fundamental techniques. This could be particularly valuable for you if you are new to shooting or looking to enhance your existing skills.
  2. Understanding Equipment: The course aims to deepen your understanding of rifles, optics, cartridges, and accessories. This knowledge would be crucial for you to make informed decisions when selecting and using firearms.
  3. Long-Range Shooting Competence: You could gain exposure to various disciplines of long-range shooting, empowering you to engage in more advanced and accurate shooting scenarios. This could significantly increase your capabilities in the hunting field.
  4. Confidence Building: By providing practical knowledge and hands-on experience, the course seeks to build your confidence in using firearms. Understanding the principles of rifle shooting and achieving precise impacts would likely contribute to a greater sense of confidence.
  5. Efficient Training: The course is designed to be efficient, aiming to achieve the desired outcomes with a minimum round count. This would allow you to acquire essential skills without unnecessary expenditure of ammunition or time.
  6. Terminology Clarification: The course addresses common terminology and “catch phrases” related to rifle shooting, helping you navigate discussions on the topic with a clear understanding. This could be particularly beneficial for you if you are new to the field.
  7. Goal-Oriented Approach: The objective of the course is to guide you toward achieving impacts where you want them and understanding the process behind your success. This goal-oriented approach contrasts with relying on luck, emphasizing a more systematic and knowledgeable approach to shooting.

Course mission:

To provide a course that is designed to be efficient in the transfer of rifle theory and practical rifle application using a minimum round count to build confidence in using rifles effectively.


Amount: R880 pp

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Course Dates:

Module 1 – Sun 22 Sept 2024
Module 2 – Sun 27 Oct 2024
Module 3 – Sun 24 Nov 2024

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