Lose Your Fear Of Guns And Shoot Better In Just One Day


This Course Is Suitable For Beginner Shooters To Advanced

Only available in Pretoria

This course is not just for novice shooters or beginners, in fact, this course is for very proficient shooters.

World-class shooters will do at least 2 and more fundamentals courses throughout a year as they know that it always comes back to fundamentals when shooting.

So irrespective of your proficiency level, you need to do at least 2 fundamentals courses per year to ensure you have the fundamentals of shooting down to a T.

We will slow down the process and ensure we walk you through the 7 fundamentals of shooting, troubleshooting your shot placement with you and adjusting where necessary to ensure you grasp the fundamentals in order to improve your overall shooting.

The course starts at 9 am and runs to 4 pm and costs include range fees. You need to supply your own food and drinks and make sure you bring sunscreen, a hat, a chair, etc.

You must have your own licensed firearm plus a holster and two magazines for this course. (we do not offer rental firearms)

The round count is 60 rounds.

Only a handgun is used on the course.


Why do you need to train on your handgun fundamentals regularly?

Training on handgun fundamentals regularly is essential for several reasons:

  1. Building Muscle Memory: Consistent training helps you to build muscle memory, which is essential for developing automatic responses and quick reflexes. This muscle memory is developed through repetition and helps to improve your accuracy and speed in a high-pressure situation.
  2. Maintaining Proficiency: Handgun proficiency is critical for safety and self-defense. Regular training helps to maintain and improve your proficiency, ensuring that you’re always ready to defend yourself and others.
  3. Developing Consistency: Consistency is key when it comes to handgun fundamentals. Regular training helps you to develop consistent technique and form, which translates to better accuracy and control.
  4. Addressing Bad Habits: Without regular training, bad habits can creep in and compromise your accuracy and safety. Regular training allows you to identify and correct bad habits before they become ingrained.
  5. Preparing for Real-World Situations: Handgun fundamentals training prepares you for real-world situations, where split-second decisions and actions can make all the difference. Regular training helps you to develop the skills and mental preparedness necessary to handle high-stress situations effectively.

Training on your handgun fundamentals regularly is crucial for maintaining proficiency, building muscle memory, developing consistency, addressing bad habits, and preparing for real-world situations. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, consistent training is key to developing and maintaining the skills necessary for safe and effective handgun use.

Venue – Ground Zero at Outdoor Adventures


Turn Left In Front Of The Lone Operator Sign Once Entering The Outdoor Adventures Gate

Now Includes The Video Version Of Fundamentals Training, So You Can Review And Practice Afterwards

Amount: R880 pp

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Next Course Dates:

10 August 2024
19 October 2024

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