This course is not just for novice shooters or beginners, in fact this course is for very proficient shooters.

World class shooters will do at least 2 and more fundamentals courses throughout a year as they know that it always comes back to fundamentals when shooting.

So irrespective of your proficiency level, you need to do at least 2 fundamentals courses per year to ensure you have the fundamentals of shooting down to a T.

We will slow down the process and ensure we walk you through the 7 fundamentals of shooting, troubleshooting your shot placement with you and adjusting where necessary to ensure you grasp the fundamentals in order to improve your overall shooting.

The course starts at 9am and runs to 4pm and costs includes range fees. You need to supply your own food and drinks and make sure you bring sunscreen, hat, a chair etc.

You must have your own licensed firearm plus holster and two magazines for this course.

Roundcount is 100 rounds.

Only handgun is used on the course.


Eeufees Shooting Range https://goo.gl/maps/yNrngwGEUsDPtz7V6


This Module Is Covered In Your Lone Operators Course, You Do Not Need To Register For This Module Seperately


You Can Register For The Module If You Want A Refresher Or Need Some Practice @ 50% Discount

FUNDAMENTALS (Pretoria) : 23 April 2022

Registration Procedure

Please Make The Following Payment To Secure Your Spot

Amount: R790
Reference: Your Name And Surname + FUND (example DEON COETZEE FUND)
First National Bank
Lone Operator PTY Ltd
Current Account 62903314433
Branch Code 260216

Then fill out the form below and attach (upload) proof of payment in the relevant field.