Violent Crime Happens 184 020 Times Per Year In South Africa


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Be Your Own First Responder!

Only 1 Saturday Per Month Will Change Your Life

Violence Shows No Mercy And Strikes Without Warning.

 Every 2 Minutes A Violent Contact Crime Happens In South Africa  (murder, attempted murder, sexual offences, common assault and robbery) (Crime Stats 2022)

Shockingly, most people are defenseless when it happens. Are you ready to be different from the herd and take control of your own safety?

Here is the problem you face: Being vulnerable and unprepared in dangerous situations is a deeply unsettling experience. Most individuals lack the essential self-defense training and know-how to respond effectively to threats. And finding the time and the place and access to qualified instruction can be difficult.

Which means, you are at the mercy of unforeseen violence.

You’ll endure that gnawing sense of vulnerability, knowing that you could be caught off guard at any moment. Inaction means perpetually living with the fear of the violence, and the consequences of not taking action may leave you feeling defenseless when you need it most.

The course is developed for firearm owners as the bulk of the course is focused on shooting and tactical aspects of self defence with a firearm

DISCLAIMER : This is NOT a job offer, nor does this course count towards getting you a job as a PSD anywhere in the world. This is a fresh approach to training in South Africa – for anyone who wants more from training and improving themselves. Please do NOT send cv’s. We will just bin them.

South Africa, 2023. One of the most violent countries in the world.

Every day men and women are being attacked in their homes and communities at an increasingly alarming rate.

We live in a violent time and you need to know how to protect yourself, your loved ones, your property and your community.

Defending yourself and your family from violent attacks is critical.


Civil unrest is a long-standing reality in South Africa and economic and political turmoil will lead to higher levels of anarchy and crime.

And it will only get worse.

You need to be able to defend yourself, your family and your property if you want to keep living in SA.


In general, the person who has the means, access and opportunity to commit a crime will. In South Africa it does not just stop at house robbery, our recent history shows that mob rule and the level of violence that accompanies it is out of controlYou are on your own…

How can you protect yourself and your family in this dangerous environment?

To stay alive against this requires more than just training, more than just mindset, more than only kit. It requires something more – it requires Operators.

 Be Your Own First Responder! 

The Police may not respond at all and your armed reaction company may be minutes too late in a situation that can go deadly in seconds.

Course Director Leo Prinsloo

Introducing Lone Operator

A course that runs over 12 months will empower you to become the “Sheepdog” that can look after himself, his loved ones and his community in an emergency and life-threatening situation.

Developed by ex-SAPS Task Force Members for civilian applications, the Lone Operator program is designed to take you on a 12-month journey (just one Saturday per month), exposing you to top-quality instructors, teaching you to become self-reliant and preparing to protect yourself, your family and your community from violent attacks and disasters.

It is the ONLY training of its kind in SA.

In the end, you earn the coveted Lone Operator badge.

Are you a handgun owner seeking to master the skills and strategies necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Look no further! Our groundbreaking program, “Lone Operator” is specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise to handle any self-defense situation with confidence and precision.

  • Comprehensive Handgun Self-Defense Techniques: Gain access to a treasure trove of knowledge and training, specifically tailored to handgun owners like you. Learn the most effective techniques to defend yourself in real-life scenarios, meaning you’ll be well-equipped to handle any threat that comes your way.
  • Learn from the Best Instructors: Our team of specialized instructors, who possess unrivaled expertise in handgun self-defense, will guide you every step of the way. Benefit from their wealth of experience and hands-on training so that you can learn from the very best.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Our carefully crafted training exercises and simulations will build your confidence in handling and operating a handgun, even under high-stress situations. You’ll feel prepared and capable when it matters most, meaning you’ll stand strong in the face of danger.
  • Sharpen Threat Identification Skills: Develop the ability to quickly identify potential threats and accurately assess danger levels. With our comprehensive training, you’ll have a tactical advantage in any self-defense scenario, meaning you can react decisively when your safety is on the line.
  • Master Shooting Positions and Techniques: Become proficient in various shooting positions and techniques that are proven to be effective in self-defense situations. We provide in-depth guidance and hands-on practice to enhance your skills, meaning you’ll hit your mark when it counts.
  • Tactical Strategies for Handgun Owners: Our program offers a comprehensive set of defensive tactics and strategies specifically designed for handgun users. Gain a deeper understanding of how to employ your handgun effectively in real-world encounters, meaning you’ll be a more capable and responsible gun owner.
  • Situational Awareness Training: Heighten your situational awareness skills while effectively handling a handgun. Learn to assess your surroundings and make informed decisions in split seconds, ensuring your safety at all times, meaning you’ll be alert and ready to respond to any threat.
  • Conquer Multiple Targets and Attackers: Our program equips you with the necessary skills to engage multiple targets and effectively neutralize multiple attackers. Feel empowered and capable, no matter the intensity or complexity of the situation, meaning you’ll be a force to be reckoned with when facing danger.
  • Adaptability in Any Scenario: Gain the ability to adapt to different environments and scenarios where self-defense may be required. Our training prepares you for any challenge you may face, providing a versatile skill set, meaning you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Take advantage of ample practice and training opportunities to refine your accuracy and speed in defensive shooting. Our program ensures that you have the necessary repetitions to engrain these skills into muscle memory, meaning you’ll perform with precision when it’s critical.
  • Thrive Under Pressure: Develop techniques for managing adrenaline and stress responses during self-defense situations. Stay calm, focused, and in control when it matters most, meaning you’ll maintain composure in high-pressure scenarios.
  • Master Low-Light Self-Defense: Gain proficiency in low-light or night-time self-defense techniques specifically tailored for handgun owners. Feel confident and capable in any lighting condition, meaning you’ll be prepared for self-defense in any environment.
  • Seamless Drawing and Holstering: Master the art of drawing and holstering your handgun in high-pressure situations. Our program provides comprehensive training to ensure quick and efficient access to your weapon, meaning you’ll be ready to respond swiftly when seconds count.
  • Develop a Defensive Mindset: Immerse yourself in our program to develop and maintain a defensive mindset and preparedness for potential threats, meaning you’ll carry yourself with confidence and readiness in any self-defense situation that comes your way.

Remember, self-defense is a skill worth investing in!

Over 820 Lone Operators Trained Since 2021


Over 810+ Lone Operators Trained So Far


Watch What Our Lone Operators Say

“Thank you Lone Operator , because of your training and tactics I was able to adequate defend my family and stopped a potential home invasion. While staying safe and keeping calm because the mind was prepared for the shit that comes. No shots fired and they got away but my family is safe. It is scary when your wife calls you and says there is someone busy at our back door and she is home alone with our youngest daughter.
Thanks Deon, Leo and the team.”

Become Part Of Our Unique Family When You Join Lone Operator

Baie dankie vir n ongelooflike leersame oggend. Die instrukteurs het soveel geduld met ons klomp gehad. Baie van ons vrese is nou besweer. Dankie Deon en Morne


Wes Vrystaat

Thank you for hosting an awesome camp. Great balance between knowledge transferred, tasks given and fun throughout. Defenitely opening new perspectives and loads to think about. Looking forward to level 2 survival course!



The Lone Operator program really through the different instructors all imparting their experience and understanding, really provides collective wisdom to us who learning. The willingness to impart their knowledge is really what makes this program so valuable.

Patrick Damon


The Lone Operator program is more than just a monthly get together and training session, it puts like-minded people in the same room, it breeds friendships and camaraderie that you take home with you. It creates a sense of purpose, puts your mind and intentions back in the right direction. The fact that the instructors and courses are top tier only adds to the overall experience. Fortis have done a fantastic thing here, they have managed to put power and ability back into the average South African household.

Bernard Troskie


The Lone Operator course is probably the single most beneficial thing I could have chosen to do, to improve not only my shooting skill but gain a complete new set of mental tools at my disposal, to use when absolute force is required. The Instructors are ALL top class! As an extra bonus, once you are part of the Lone Operator family, you cannot help but stay

Mia-Daniel Bester


Yesterday was amazing, and thank you so much to everyone who never stopped to convince me to face my greatest fear !!! I have absolutely no words to convey my gratitude. Leo - a special thank you, you are an exceptional person. I personally think if you ever get tired, everyone else will be dead. Fortis Team - you have a good thing going with great instructors. May you all be blessed with great success.



Dear Nelis & Riaan, I woke up early on Saturday morning with mixed feelings whether I should attend the course on Saturday as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and if this is really for me. I have always felt intimidated by any violence, guns, knives and crime, even in the movies. What an eye opener and being pulled out of my comfort zone attending the Knife & Pepper Spray Defence Course presented by Fortis! Being a woman on my own most of the times, it has taught me to be more aware of my surroundings at all times. The course has taught me techniques which I knew nothing of and enabling me to defend myself in any unexpected situations that might occur. I would highly recommend this course to all my friends (guys & girls), my family and any members of the public to attend such a course, even if it’s only once. Thank you for your patience, motivation and the way you have dealt with each and every person on different levels and personalities on Saturday. I look forward to the next courses offered by Fortis Pro Active Defence Solutions group.



I was a first time shooter. Deon made me feel comfortable with the weapon in my hand. Excellent instructors



I attended a training course on 28 May 2016. Wow! What an experience! Dedicated instructors, committed to transferring knowledge!



Uitstekende diens. Hierdie manne weet waarvan hulle praat en is meer as bereid om te help en raad te gee.



I have been on LO for 2 years. It has at times been hard and at times my personal timings have been tricky to Navi around the course dates. But NEVER have I stopped learning. And the fees are half the price of a standalone course that never gets built on. Hey his course is not tons of ammo down rand he in the hope that massive repetition will make me better. It’s low round four QUALITY instruction from the he very best South Africa has to offer in trainers.

Craigh Ramsden


I really dont know what to say other than what has already been said. Well done to everyone for sticking it out to the end! It has been a priveledge to train and learn from fellow course members and instructors. Thanks for putting up with a guy that is a bit slow some times. Fortis you really do have a good thing going here. I look forward to seeing you on the range for some qualified Lone Operator action soon! Rest well and look after yourselves.



What we are looking for?

We are looking for people willing to commit to a 12-month time frame of training. Someone committed to learning. Someone who is not afraid of pushing themselves to the next level.

This course is for people who are not afraid to push themselves mentally and physically. Physical Training will be done during every session. Stress inoculation is present at all sessions. Understand what this is about.  When under attack, you are under stress, and the Lone Operator course is going to empower you to handle that stress.

This is not for fun shooters. This is not a sport shooting event. The whole course is aimed at self-preservation.

You have to be able to be self-reliant and train on your own in between sessions as you will be evaluated in order to be able to progress.

If you are:

Committed to Personal Safety: You understand the importance of safeguarding yourself and your loved ones in an unpredictable world.

Ready to Take Action: You’re proactive and ready to equip yourself with practical self-defense skills.

Seeking Confidence: You want to boost your confidence in handling a handgun effectively, even under high-stress situations.

Determined to Master Self-Defense: You’re dedicated to mastering effective self-defense techniques, from shooting positions to tactical strategies.

Prepared for Real-World Situations: You recognize the need for skills that are effective in real-life self-defense scenarios, not just theoretical knowledge.

Then Lone Operator is for you!

People life in fear and feel powerless against ruthless criminals, even refusing to leave their homes.  This is why we developed the Lone Operator Program to EMPOWER you to feel confident that you will be able to handle any crisis head on.

  The Lone Operator Program Is Aimed At Ordinary Men And Women Who Want To Take Responsibility For Their Own And Their Loved One’s Safety  

Fortis will expose you to a variety of the best instructors in South Africa to ensure you get the best instruction.

Training is focused on defending the self, using all weapon platforms and more, in as realistic setting as possible with scenario and stress induced training.

You will have to pass an evaluation halfway through the course to continue onto the second phase. You will be required to keep a certain level of fitness and be willing to commit to the complete 12-month session. Dropping out at any time means you will have to start at the beginning again.

You will cover and practice some of the following topics:

  • Firearm fundamentals
  • Handgun tactical shooting
  • Knife Defence
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Close-quarter battle tactics
  • Marksmanship 
  • Trauma Management in Civilian Combat Situation – TMCS (medical)
  • Urban Survival
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Night patrols
  • Combat Fitness
  • Mental fitness and more.

The curriculum is developed to make you your own first responder in an emergency life-threatening situation.

Now Also Included: Home Defense Video

The training will culminate in a SERE weekend in order to earn your Lone Operator badge. (may differ in certain regions)

People ask WHY do we do this? Simply because we’ve had enough of being pushed around as citizens in our own country. We need more people who can fight back against crime. 

To apply you will need to be medically fit enough to do exercise and be able to pass a basic army fitness test. You will also need to own your own, licensed handgun.

Fortis is a registered dealer with most suppliers and should any kit be required, it can be acquired through us at a discounted rate.

No contract, no obligation, you can cancel at any time. The only rule is – dropping out at any time means you will have to start at the beginning again. Do not expect a military-type boot camp scenario where instructors shout military-style commands at you.

Do expect professional instructors with legit backgrounds, teaching you in a professional manner. We are looking for self-motivated, driven individuals with a hunger to learn.

If you fit the above and agree to the rules, then please register below.

You will then be provided with an info pack whereupon the program will be unfolded.

Just Some Of Our Fortis Family Members (Over 820 Of Us And Growing)


Get More As A Lone Operator!

During Your Lone Operator Training You Qualify For The Following :

  • Percentage discounts on tactical kit from a variety of vendors
  • Access to our Lone Operator Portal
  • Access to our online training videos
  • Discounts on selected courses by Fortis (where available)
  • To be part of a unique brotherhood and create friends that share the same values and experiences (priceless)


The format of the course may differ from province to province due to logistical reasons

Ensure you read through the details on the specific province page and take note thereof before registering