Thank you for your interest in the Lone Operator course. Please read through the info before you register.

By now you would have picked up what this course is about and the commitment that will be required from your side. If you are still unsure, read the full details – click here


Lone Operator Compact is the normal Lone Operator program compacted over 3 months to address a time issue for those who cannot commit to the 12-month program. The course runs over 3 months, consisting of one Friday, Saturday, and Sunday session per month. 

LO Compact is held on a facility close to Bronkhorstspruit and offers self-catering accommodation @ R450 pp per night. This means you can basically stay on site for the duration of the sessions. 



If you are unsure what to expect, please read the previous page again. If you are keen to go ahead, please pay the fee as per below and complete the registration form below. Ensure that you are setup on WhatsApp to be added to a WA group, as we will correspond all detail on said Whatsapp Group. (note that the group will be set up about 3 weeks from kick off date)


First off – bring a positive attitude, open and willing to learn.
Bring your handgun, magazines, ammo, eye and ear protection, a proper holster and a proper belt. Ensure you can do a basic fitness test – 2.4km run, push-ups, pullups, situps etc. Also bring clothing for range, cold and wet weather. Furthermore, do ensure you have enough food, drinks and snacks for the course. 


We regret that no alcohol will be permitted for the duration of the course as we are working with live ammo and safety is of paramount importance. We will confiscate any alcohol found and return it to you the Sunday after the completion of the session.&nbsp


Any Rambo, know-it-all attitudes and mindset.

To apply you will need to be medically fit enough to do exercise and to be able to pass a basic army fitness test. You will also need to own your own, licensed handgun.

You need at least your own licensed handgun, 3 x mags and proper holsters with good retention for both gun and mags. You will also need a good quality belt to ensure your gun sits sturdy on your person. Proper range attire, hardworking clothes and closed shoes. Proper ear and eye protection. You cannot shoot with your normal reading or sun glasses. You need ballistic protection. Sunblock, hat and your own chair. And also your own food and drinks for a long day. Watch the video below. 

The course will cost you R2640 per session. 

Included in this fee are the following:

1. Range fees  
2. Access our online portal with videos and notes on lessons
3. Lone Operator Cap
4. Free access to some of Fortis’ online courses
5. Discount on Fortis Standalone courses (where applicable)

Excluded from this fee are the following:

1. Traveling to and from venues used for training
2. Ammunition needed for training
3. Range fees for courses outside the normal program
4. Any kit needed over and above what you currently have
5. Food and drinks
6. Accommodation and other travel


You will be informed on your team WhatsApp group what is needed for each session, including attire. Range clothes will be pants, a shirt, and closed shoes. Remember we are shooting from all positions so your clothes must be able to handle dirt and wear and tear. A hat and shooting glasses are good. We do have shooting glasses and ear muffs you can use on the range if you don’t have your own. Sunblock can help. Also remember to bring dry kit, and clothing against cold and rain as well.

You can supply your own ammo. Or you can buy ammo from the instructors – NB – this ammo cannot be taken home and has to be used on the range as per law. The logistical arrangements around this will be sorted with each group on their first session. 

You can work on 100 rounds per day – sometimes 150 sometimes 50 – average it out on 100 rounds per day

The facility is a farm to the East of Pretoria, very close to Bronkhorstpruit. See the map below. The farm offers self-catering accommodation as well. 

Training is spread over 3 sessions. Each session consists of a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each day is from 8 am to 4 pm with a night session thrown in as well. (see the calendar below for dates)

You only complete the course if you complete ALL 3 sessions. If you live close enough to Pretoria, you can arrange catch-ups with the normal LO groups in case you have to miss a session. 

Note that you pay per session, irrespective if you miss a module. You then need to arrange the catch-up, but as specified, we prefer that you arrange your calendar accordingly. 

Please ensure that you are free to do the training (all the sessions) as specified on the dates below, before registering. 

Registration Procedure



Fri 6 Sept 2024

Price = R2640 Per 3 Day Session (3 Sessions)

Your Deposit Secures Your Spot

Please pay your first session’s R2640 into the following bank account and fill out the form below:

Reference: Your Full Name And Surname + T24 (example DEON COETZEE T24)
First National Bank
Lone Operator PTY Ltd
Current Account 62903314433
Branch Code 260216

Then fill out the form below and attach (upload) proof of payment in the relevant field.

NB : Cancellation 48 hours or less before the course starts, NO REFUND, NO CARRYOVER, we keep your money and you have to pay for the next course.


Course Dates 2024

View the calendar on the link below 
(do not download, as you will not be able to see updates)


Column T – TANGO

note: dates may change up to the start of the course

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