Sniper Course

What is it about?

Our Skilled Marksmanship or Sniper course runs over 7 modules over a 6 month period. You need to successfully complete the one module to be able to advance to the next. Each module builds on the previous one to a complete, comprehensive course. Presented by Leo Prinsloo, ex SAP Task Force member (sniper).

This course will cover the following, but not limited to; rifle nomenclature, the role of the sniper/observer, rifle and range safety, training documentation, fundamentals of marksmanship, observation and reporting, ballistics, Individual movement skills, camouflage and concealment, hide construction and management, use of force as it applies to the sniper, weapons maintenance and post-incident debrief and documentation.

Who is this for?

This course is for any individual want to learn about long-range marksmanship, anyone wanting to understand the mindset and world of the sniper. Hunters etc are welcome to join this course. You will need to commit to all 7 modules in order to successfully complete and receive certification.

Note: This is not a pathway to a sniper career in any military or Police force. Nor is it intended to train paramilitary snipers. 


What do I need? 

You will need the following kit

  • Own licensed rifle with a telescope (license will be checked at the info session)
  • Kit to sleep outside in the veld (like a sleeping bag, eating utensils, torch, headlamp etc)
  • Rucksack for the bush phase
  • Personal clothing for the course

A complete list will be discussed at the info session.

NOTE – we can supply most of the kit that will be needed, so please discuss with us, as we do give preferential prices to our course attendees.

How much will this course cost? 

(excluding ammo, range fees, travelling to and from venues, kit and food and drinks)

Info session – free (1 evening zero rifles)

Level 1 – R1000 + 25 rounds  (1 day)
Level 2 – R1000 + 40 rounds (1 day)
Level 3 – R1300 + 10 rounds (overnight)
Level 4 – R1300 + 10 rounds (overnight)
Level 5 – R1000 + 10 rounds (1 day)
Level 6 – R1300 + 5 rounds (overnight – camo)
Level 7 – R1000 + 10 rounds (1 day tracking)

What are the fitness requirements?

You will need to have good physical and mental fitness. The course is meant to push you and includes sessions where you need to TAB (Tactical Advance with Bergen) into an area, set up for the shoot, and exfil again. Rather be prepared than not able to complete the course. When in doubt, ask us.


No dates are currently available.

The course is held in the Pretoria region. Please sign up for our newsletter below to stay updated on future courses.

Meet the instructors

Leo Prinsloo and Francois Smit run The Edge Shooting Academy as a team for the past 10 years. Leo served 12 years in the SAP Task Force, some of which as a TF sniper.

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