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Fortis Group was started in 1996 in South Africa and is active in the security arena in multiple areas around the world. Offering services ranging from tactical training, assessments, security risk consulting and more, our core group consists of specialists with varying military and police backgrounds.

We built our expertise on the chaos-torn African continent and have extensive experience in active war zones but also in South Africa, a country with one of the highest crime rates in the world.

By using Fortis Risk Consultants you get objective, unbiased feedback on your risks and the mitigation thereof.

We have completed risk assessments for a very large clientele base, ranging from large corporates to farmers, to individuals. We have also assisted in creating and implementing safety strategies in a variety of communities around South Africa.

What We Offer

Security and Safety Challenges We Address:

  • Unidentified vulnerabilities within your security framework.
  • Concerns about intrusions, theft, or workplace safety.
  • Elevating security personnel training and performance.
  • Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of security threats.
  • Optimizing security budgets without compromising effectiveness.

Our Corporate Security Solutions:

  • Security Risk Assessment: Identify and address vulnerabilities in your corporate security infrastructure.
  • Bespoke Security Strategies: Develop tailored security strategies and policies aligned with your organizational objectives.
  • Professional Training: Elevate the competencies of your security personnel, enhancing conflict resolution and emergency response capabilities.
  • Risk Mitigation: Implement comprehensive risk management strategies to prevent, prepare for, and respond to potential threats.
  • Infrastructure Enhancements: Bolster the physical security of your corporate facilities, reducing vulnerabilities.
  • Effective Incident Response: Develop clear and efficient incident response plans to minimize disruptions and damage in the event of security breaches.

Our Team

Deon Coetzee

As the CEO of Fortis Group for over two decades, Deon Coetzee has played a pivotal role in driving the organization’s diverse range of initiatives. From spearheading anti-poaching operations in Africa to providing military and police training, Deon has consistently led his teams with unwavering determination and a passion for making a difference.

Since 1996, Deon has been an active participant in the fight against crime in South Africa, gaining extensive knowledge of criminal behavior, patterns, and their detrimental effects on society. Throughout his tenure at Fortis, he has introduced innovative community safety concepts and strategies, working in conjunction with the South African Police Services and security companies to lead rural safety operations.

Deon’s expertise extends to the development of task-specific training courses for civilians, security officials, and police members, training large groups of individuals to become more effective in their roles. As a seasoned strategist, Deon possesses a unique ability to identify and analyze potential risks and develop effective strategies to mitigate them, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Leo Prinsloo

Leo Prinsloo is an esteemed member of the Fortis executive team since 2018, where he plays an instrumental role in both the company’s training and risk consulting divisions.

Leo’s exceptional career spans 17 years in the South African Police Service, with 12 of those years dedicated to the elite SAPS Special Task Force unit. During his service, Leo demonstrated his versatility as both an accomplished operator and an operational marksman, with his expertise in the latter earning him widespread recognition.

In the latter part of his career, Leo leveraged his extensive experience to train snipers and operational members, demonstrating his exceptional leadership skills. He was responsible for the deployment of sniper teams for significant events and summits, including visits by notable heads of state such as President George W. Bush, former President Clinton, and the inauguration ceremony of South African President Mbeki.

Leo’s exceptional tactical planning and deployment skills have been showcased on multiple occasions. He was responsible for deploying Special Task Force and SANDF snipers at the XII Non-Aligned Movement Summit of Heads of States of Government (NAM) and the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM). Leo’s achievements reflect his unwavering commitment to excellence and his ability to lead and inspire teams to achieve their full potential.

Shalto Schoeman

Shalto Schoeman boasts a diverse background, ranging from his time as a Police Officer to his tenure as the Head of Operations at a large, international corporation, installers of CCTV Cameras. Combining his wealth of experience in these fields, Shalto is the ideal candidate to ensure your business has a comprehensive and robust safety plan in place.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Shalto’s martial arts career spans more than three decades, during which he has taught Krav Maga, MMA, and Jiu Jitsu. As the lead instructor on Fortis’ Lone Operator program, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the range, delivering exceptional training to police, military, and civilians alike.

Throughout his career, Shalto has spearheaded a range of security projects in communities, including serving as the Security Director at Mooikloof Ridge Estate. This extensive experience has provided him with unparalleled insights into risk management in relation to crime, as well as proven strategies to mitigate such risks successfully.

Shalto’s exceptional knowledge of crime patterns and their impact on both individuals and communities has established him as a true expert in his field, making him an invaluable asset to any team seeking to ensure the safety and security of their operations.

Simon Rae

As the Acting Managing Director of Fortis Australia, Simon has been at the forefront of assessing global crime patterns, with a specific focus on the Australian market. With a wealth of experience in criminal behavior, Simon is a published author and a sought-after keynote speaker on subjects related to crime and its societal impacts.

Simon’s exceptional skills in martial arts, holding a blackbelt in Kenpo karate, are testament to his commitment to excellence and attention to detail. His expertise in criminal behavior and strategy development make him an invaluable asset in mitigating the risks associated with crime, both at a corporate and personal level.

Simon’s leadership in implementing cutting-edge safety concepts and strategies for customers has earned him widespread recognition. He brings years of professionalism and experience to the table, consistently going above and beyond to exceed expectations.

Simon’s exceptional contributions to the mining industry include developing the Lone Operator Behavioral Based Defense Program for top management, showcasing his exceptional skills in strategy development. Simon also leads as a course presenter on this subject, cementing his position as a trusted industry leader.

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