Farm Safety & Risk Analysis

Take Control Of Your Farm & Farming Community Safety

Fortis has been actively safeguarding farms and rural communities since 1996.

Farmers are in a constant battle with criminals who steal their livestock, crops and machinery. Farm attacks are a serious problem in South Africa and you want to protect your farm and live in a safe farming community, but you don’t know where to start.

Fortis has been actively safeguarding farms and rural communities since 1996. We are proudly committed to supporting Farmers that are in a constant battle with criminals who attempt to do them serious personal harm and steal their livestock, crops and machinery.

The positive benefits of these Fortis services impact the individual Farmer and his family and the farming community at large.

In most attacks, the criminal has the advantage of choosing place and time. It is difficult to discern who is a criminal and who is the innocent. Should an incident occur the challenge of effective communication to raise the alarm and get a response from SAPS or your Armed response company is the first hurdle. Then long response times due to a host of factors including remote locations and just general inefficiency.

  • What do you do if an emergency occurs?
  • Do you have a plan of action?
  • Do you know what are the best measures to implement to upgrade the safety of your farm?
  • Are your wife or partner and other family members competent in both firearm use and first aid to protect themselves should you be incapacitated?

Fortis Group has the experience and resources to help you create a plan that will keep your farm safe from criminals. We will spend time on your farm, gathering intel and making recommendations that work for you.

We have perfected our craft over the last 26 years to be THE experts in rural safety in South Africa.

Depending on what issues you may have, our team of specialists will provide an action plan after spending a couple of nights on the ground on a recon mission. Each action plan is tailor-made to address your specific issue/s in your specific, unique environment.

Our recon missions and intel gathering operations have stopped the plans of many syndicates over the years.

We will work with you to ensure that your farm is secure, and that your family, employees and resources are safe and that you are prepared for any security eventuality.

We Work Closely With SAPS And Other Security Organisations In The Area Where Warranted


We make use of high tech equipment like drones, thermal devices, radar, cameras, and more, to ensure we can supply you with a full analysis and solution.

Note – we are not camera installers. Our operators will spend time on the ground using their skills to ensure the best plan of action.

Our services include

  • recon missions – ensure you know exactly what is happening in your area
  • area operations – by dominating the area with a team of highly skilled operators, we ensure your safety
  • anti stock theft operations
  • intelligence gathering operations – intel is key in this low-intensity war against crime
  • risk analysis – our full report will include action plans
  • site testing – if you need to test the security of your site, give us a call

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