The Legal Safety Net for Firearm Owners

What is Firearms Guardian?

Have you ever thought of the legal support you might need if you were to defend yourself, your family or property by using your firearm?

Firearms Guardian is there to protect you as a lawfully armed citizen in South Africa, in order for you to protect your family.

Expert legal and liability cover when you need it most.

Firearms Guardian is a ground-breaking legal protection insurance package for lawfully armed citizens. Whether for self-defence, accidental discharge, hunting accidents and more, including Firearms Control Act related prosecution, we can cover you.

What if you had a 24/7 direct line to a team of legal experts – day and night?

Firearms Guardian provides exactly that from as little as R135.00 p/m. Depending on the option that you choose, you’ll get comprehensive legal cover up to R300 000 per case and liability cover up to R300 000 per annum.

Firearms Guardian has got you covered!.

Firearms Guardian offers comprehensive legal & liability protection:

  • Comprehensive and powerful Legal Protection and Liability Cover for you and your immediate family
  • Cover includes firearm self-defence, accidental discharge, hunting accidents, sport shooting and more, as well as Firearms Control Act related prosecution.
  • Legal assistance and representation up to R300 000 per case/per claim
  • Liability cover for firearm damages up to R300 000 per annum
  • Lawyers who are available 24 hours
  • Legal advice and assistance by over 2 500 top practicing Lawyers nationwide
  • Legal representation in the High and Magistrate’s Courts nationwide
  • Lawyers are utilised in their areas of expertise
  • All Lawyers have more than 10 years practical experience
  • Only practicing attorneys and advocates are used
  • We do not use paralegals
  • Bail payments up to R3 000 per incident
  • A 3-month waiting period applies to liability claims and legal representation in Court.
  • You are entitled to legal advice from policy inception
  • Cases existing at policy inception excluded
  • No excess or hidden costs

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R135.00 p/m

Firearms Guardian is a Short-Term insurance product, administered by Insuresense Consultants (Pty) Ltd, an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 47115), Underwritten by GENRIC Insurance Company Limited (GENRIC), (FSP 43638), an Authorised Financial Services Provider and Licenses non-life Insurer.

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