Baie dankie vir n ongelooflike leersame oggend. Die instrukteurs het soveel geduld met ons klomp gehad. Baie van ons vrese is nou besweer. Dankie Deon en Morne


Wes Vrystaat

Thank you for hosting an awesome camp. Great balance between knowledge transferred, tasks given and fun throughout. Defenitely opening new perspectives and loads to think about. Looking forward to level 2 survival course!



Hi Fortis Net ‘n kort briefie om te laat weet dat Defender Kompakt gewere wat ons verlede jaar vir Myn Beskermingsdienste aangekoop het ‘n wenner is! Ons het die gewere suksesvol in verskeie scenarios aangewend byvoorbeeld onluste/skare beheer, reaksie op alarms, as primere verdedigings wapen vir sekuriteit personeel tydens verwydering van onwettige plakkers ens. Die kompakte ontwerp van die wapen maak dit uiters geskik vir gebruik in patrollie voertuie en al ons patrollie voertuie is daarmee toegerus. Groete



My family and I had bought Defenders and done Fortis Tactical Combatives Training up to module 3. We live on a farm and on May 5 2012 at 2am we used the guns and training to prevent farm attackers to hurt or rob us. The attackers killed the neighbouring farmers before targeting ourselves. I was alone at home with my daughter in law and was warned by my fence alarm and then glass breaking from the living room. I used the tactics taught by Fortis to bunker in and took the attackers on when they walked into my channel. After about 10 shots from my defender gun, the attackers fleed. Thank you Fortis for helping us to survive!



The Lone Operator program really through the different instructors all imparting their experience and understanding, really provides collective wisdom to us who learning. The willingness to impart their knowledge is really what makes this program so valuable.

Patrick Damon


The Lone Operator program is more than just a monthly get together and training session, it puts like-minded people in the same room, it breeds friendships and camaraderie that you take home with you. It creates a sense of purpose, puts your mind and intentions back in the right direction. The fact that the instructors and courses are top tier only adds to the overall experience. Fortis have done a fantastic thing here, they have managed to put power and ability back into the average South African household.

Bernard Troskie


Yesterday was amazing, and thank you so much to everyone who never stopped to convince me to face my greatest fear !!! I have absolutely no words to convey my gratitude. Leo - a special thank you, you are an exceptional person. I personally think if you ever get tired, everyone else will be dead. Fortis Team - you have a good thing going with great instructors. May you all be blessed with great success.



Dear Nelis & Riaan, I woke up early on Saturday morning with mixed feelings whether I should attend the course on Saturday as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and if this is really for me. I have always felt intimidated by any violence, guns, knives and crime, even in the movies. What an eye opener and being pulled out of my comfort zone attending the Knife & Pepper Spray Defence Course presented by Fortis! Being a woman on my own most of the times, it has taught me to be more aware of my surroundings at all times. The course has taught me techniques which I knew nothing of and enabling me to defend myself in any unexpected situations that might occur. I would highly recommend this course to all my friends (guys & girls), my family and any members of the public to attend such a course, even if it’s only once. Thank you for your patience, motivation and the way you have dealt with each and every person on different levels and personalities on Saturday. I look forward to the next courses offered by Fortis Pro Active Defence Solutions group.



I was a first time shooter. Deon made me feel comfortable with the weapon in my hand. Excellent instructors



I attended a training course on 28 May 2016. Wow! What an experience! Dedicated instructors, committed to transferring knowledge!



Uitstekende diens. Hierdie manne weet waarvan hulle praat en is meer as bereid om te help en raad te gee.



I have been on LO for 2 years. It has at times been hard and at times my personal timings have been tricky to Navi around the course dates. But NEVER have I stopped learning. And the fees are half the price of a standalone course that never gets built on. Hey his course is not tons of ammo down rand he in the hope that massive repetition will make me better. It’s low round four QUALITY instruction from the he very best South Africa has to offer in trainers.

Craigh Ramsden


The Lone Operator course is probably the single most beneficial thing I could have chosen to do, to improve not only my shooting skill but gain a complete new set of mental tools at my disposal, to use when absolute force is required. The Instructors are ALL top class! As an extra bonus, once you are part of the Lone Operator family, you cannot help but stay

Mia-Daniel Bester


I really dont know what to say other than what has already been said. Well done to everyone for sticking it out to the end! It has been a priveledge to train and learn from fellow course members and instructors. Thanks for putting up with a guy that is a bit slow some times. Fortis you really do have a good thing going here. I look forward to seeing you on the range for some qualified Lone Operator action soon! Rest well and look after yourselves.