CIRS – Civilians In Riot Situations

Tactics And Techniques To Survive A Riot


This course follows a dual pathway. One for novice shooters and one for advanced shooters

This course is currently only available in Pretoria

RIOT READY: Safeguarding Life in South Africa During A Violent Riot

Equip yourself with tactical insights and practical skills to stay calm, focused, and alive when faced with civil unrest

CIRS – Civilians In Riot Situations

July 2021, KZN, South Africa: you are on your way home and suddenly find yourself boxed in by vehicles and people, all looking agitated and angry. You can sense the anger and fear, your sixth sense is telling you this is totally wrong. You cannot move forward or backwards. Your breathing becomes faster, your heart is beating super fast, your adrenaline levels are at an all-time high and your thoughts keep running to your family – are they okay? Where are they? What is going on?

The 2021 Riots have kicked off!!!

And you have been caught unawares. What has always been a distant event in South Africa has suddenly slammed home and came walking into your suburb, into your home. We all know the rest, the impact it had on communities, the economy and more. We all know that nationwide riots have suddenly become part of our everyday reality. Add to that the threat of a National Grid collapsing and you have the makings of a dystopian event.



We have the answer

Stemming from our 28-year history in the industry and our involvement in security plans for a variety of KZN communities and wider, we have formulated a brand new course aimed at civilians finding themselves in riot situations – CIRS.

This course spans over 6 modules and covers the following:

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Kit Prep and Planning
  • Route Planning
  • Ammo and firearms in this environment
  • IA drills in case of riot contact
  • Debus, Escape and Evade
  • Exfil 
  • Understanding Kaos & Mayhem
  • Operating under high-distress situations
  • With a night module included
  • Radios, comms
  • Dealing with pepper spray
  • The phenomenon of riots
  • Counter tactics
  • Medical and Trauma management
  • Handgun, Carbine & Shotgun platforms
  • and more…

Format and Costs

The course spans 6 modules, 1 module (or day) per month.

The cost is R880 per person per module. This includes the range fee and course material, where applicable. 


What You Need

  • Own licensed handgun
  • Extra Mags – as many as you have
  • Medikit – IFAK
  • Training TQ – can be bought from us
  • Flashlight/s
  • Camping chair
  • Own food and drinks
  • Sunblock, hat and proper range attire
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Proper belt and holster



  • Module 1: Sunday 2 June 2024 (120 handgun rounds)
  • Module 2: Saturday 13 July 2024 (120 handgun rounds)
  • Module 3: Sunday 25 August 2024 (120 handgun rounds)
  • Module 4: Sunday 8 September 2024 (120 handgun rounds)
  • Module 5: Sunday 13 October 2024 (30 shotgun rounds, 30 carbine rounds, 80 handgun rounds – if you don’t have a carbine/shotgun, bring cash for ammo, we have the platforms)
  • Module 6: Sunday 10 November 2024 (Night Module tba)

Next Kick-Off Date: Sunday 2 June 2024

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Lone Operator Level 2 & 3

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