Carbine Training Course Johannesburg And Pretoria

Carbine Training Course – Modules 1, 2 and 3

Take your shooting skills to the next level with our comprehensive carbine course. Learn from experienced instructors and hone your accuracy, versatility, and reliability with a carbine. Enroll now and get ready to dominate the range.

Many people own Carbines. These are used for a variety of applications, from sports shooting to hunting and security work. Through this course, we aim to give you a better understanding of shooting the carbine platform, as well as understanding the technicalities behind these platforms.

Our Carbine Course runs over 3 modules. You have to complete Module 1 to be able to do Module 2 and Module 3. This is to ensure that enough time is spent on the fundamentals before moving on to the next level. Below is a layout of what can be learnt from this course.


Module 1

In this module, we will cover the fundamentals, safety rules as well as the basics of shooting the Carbine platform. The shooting drills involved were developed to ensure you can shoot the platform for a variety of scenarios and in a variety of positions. You must have your own licensed carbine/SLR – any calibre.

What Do I Need?

You need to have a good understanding and proficiency with your firearm. If you haven’t shot before, then have a look at our fundamentals course as a start.

You will need your range clothes, your own licensed Carbine, and ammunition.

NOTE: – This is an intro course covering the basics

What to bring:

  • Ensure you bring enough water and food/refreshments for the day. Stay hydrated.
  • Licensed firearm in a rifle bag.
  • Magazines & dump pouch
  • Tacvest & plates (if you want to train with that)
  • 100 rounds
  • Seeing that this is an EDC course, wear clothes and equipment that you typically carry or wear.
  • Eyes and ear protection

What Does It Cost?

This course will cost you R880 pp – and this includes your range fee

For current Lone Operators – please book via the LO Portal to qualify for discount

How Do I Register?

Simply complete the registration form below. Directions etc will be given to you after registration.


Module 2 & 3

After the successful completion of module 1, you can join us for module 2 and then onwards. In this course, we will continue the basis laid in module 1 and focus on specific scenarios. 

What Do I Need?

You need to have completed module 1 to advance to module 2, etc.


Venue – Fortis Ground Zero at Out There Sport Shooting Club


Turn Left In Front Of The Lone Operator Sign Once Entering The Outdoor Adventures Gate


Why Carbine Training?

  1. Increased accuracy: Carbines have a longer barrel than pistols, which provides a longer sight radius, making it easier to aim accurately. Additionally, carbines typically have shoulder stocks that can be used to steady the weapon and absorb recoil, making follow-up shots quicker and more accurate.
  2. Increased firepower: Carbines generally have larger magazines than pistols, allowing soldiers to carry more ammunition and engage targets for longer periods without having to reload as frequently. Furthermore, carbines often use intermediate cartridges, such as the 5.56 NATO or 7.62x39mm, which are more powerful than the 9mm Parabellum or .45 ACP rounds typically used in pistols.
  3. Improved versatility: Carbines can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as optics, lights, and lasers, making them useful in a variety of combat situations, from close-quarters combat to medium-range engagements.
  4. Increased reliability: Carbines are designed to be carried and used in harsh environments, and their simple, rugged design makes them less prone to malfunctions than pistols.

In conclusion, while pistols are highly portable and easy to carry, carbines offer a number of significant advantages over pistols in terms of accuracy, firepower, versatility, and reliability, making them a valuable tool for military personnel in combat situations.

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R880 Per Module

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