Deon Coetzee

deo1Deon started Special Combat Services (SCS) in 1997. SCS trained its own group of specialist operators to act as deterrent against farm attacks. SCS operators were trained to work in small 2- or 4 man teams and operate covertly on farms for up to 4 weeks at a time without resupply. SCS gave farm crime a good knock in the Eastern Free State. SCS operators were trained to a high standard of field craft, survival, camouflage, native language, first aid, tactical shooting, firearms, unarmed combat, intelligence gathering and more. To become an SCS operator a candidate had to pass a strict month-long selection test – involving various fitness and psychological exams.During 2009, the complete SCS model was adjusted and incorporated in Fortis Pro-Active Defence Solutions. Fortis trains individuals, farmwatches, military and police in tactical defence & resistance, tactical firearms, self defence and more. Fortis offers various courses for individuals and groups, both military and civilian.

Deon is also SA President of Combat Martial Arts Association (started in 1997). He holds a 5th dan black belt in Taekwondo, 1st dan black belt in Judo, 1st dan black belt in Hapkido. As president and head instructor for CMAA – he has trained over 5000 students from beginner to 3rd dan black belt levels. During 1991-1992 Deon has been assistant to Master YT Chung – 7th dan blackbelt – in training SADF in unarmed combat.

He also holds University Certificates in Entrepreneurial Training, Advanced Business Management and Management Consultancy.

Deon is still actively involved in Fortis training and operations on a daily basis and manages his own Taekwondo clubs.

Riaan Coetzee

riaanRiaan Coetzee joined the SADF in 1984. After basic military training he proudly served in the SAAF for 13 years.Because he has grown up with, and always loved and respected firearms, it was almost a foregone conclusion that some kind of shooting sport would form a central part of his everyday life. After years of very hard work and countless thousands of rounds and hours on firing ranges all over South Africa, he was awarded provincial (NTvl) as well as SAAF colours in pistol shooting and represented NTvl and the SAAF and SANDF on various shooting events over a period of several years.Riaan has been actively involved with Fortis since 2003, and is teaching our basic firearms course and serves as an instructor on our range of TDR (tactical defence & resistance) courses.

Some of Riaan’s biggest loves in life are: making a difference against crime, marketing, and working with people. As such he often serves as the primary contact with Fortis, whilst helping to ensure that more and more people know about what we do and how we do it.

His fun loving personality and specialized knowledge on the subject of crime forms an integral part of our training courses because we teach matters of such a deeply serious nature and we strive to ensure that students have lots of laughs while taking in the serious and realistic facts about how they can enhance their odds of surviving a criminal attack. Many a student has commented on the fact that Riaan has a certain way about him that just makes the ingestion of such serious facts something not be feared, but something they can embrace and make their own.

We strive very hard to present courses – being of such a deeply serious nature – in a mostly non-serious, light hearted manner – to ensure students do not leave feeling depressed, but rather positive and filled with new energy, knowing that the knowledge gained from our courses can be used to their utmost advantage in enhancing their survival chances against criminals.

He also has a 7th Dan in Aliquam Egestas Ligula – an ancient Roman oral art, loosely translated as “Talking Lots of Nonsense”.

Nelis Nel

Nelis started his career in the SA Defence Force in 1986.  He qualified himself as a physical training instructor and was intensively involved in the training of new recruits in various disciplines’ such as Combat Firearm Training, Drill, Class Presentation in various subjects and Physical Training.

In 1988 he was employed as a clerk at Armscor but decided not make it a career since it was not in his line of interest.  In 1989 he went to Technicon Pretoria and became a full time student, studying a three year National Diploma:  Personnel Management until 1991.

In 1992 he started his professional career at Centurion Town Council as a Human Resource Development Officer and trained Council Employees in various fields of Life Skills as well as the upliftment and empowerment of the Community in several Projects.

He has always been interested in Tactical / Operational Training with the emphasis on Firearms & Basic Self-Defence.  He qualified himself as a Firearm Instructor during the 90’s in Handgun & Shotgun at Unisa and was affiliated at the International Training Academy.  Thereafter he qualified himself as an Assessor, Moderator & Verifier at the SASSETA (South African Safety & Security SETA) as well as the Local Government SETA.

After he obtained abovementioned qualifications he went for several Combat Shooting courses and was also in the privileged position to be trained by members of the previous SA Special Forces in courses such as:  CQB-close Quarter Battle Encounters, Advanced Close Quarter Battle Encounters and a  supplementary two years of Intensive Knife Training.

He is presently involved in the training of the Community in Basic Knife Fighting Skills on an ad hoc basis.

His passion is people, and he enjoys to empower the conventional, law abiding citizens of SA to the best of his ability.

Madré van Dalen

madre2Madré is dedicated to teaching people to help themselves against crime. As a woman with excellent knowledge of fighting techniques, she knows the value of women being able to defend themselves in a crime ridden society.She has developed an anti-rape course specifically for women and also teaches extensive self defence classes. Having competed both locally and international, Madré knows what is necessary to bring an attacker to a complete stop.

Some of Madré’s  achievements in the martial arts:

  • Judo 1st Dan
  • Junior Springbok & SA Students Judo Team
  • USA Junior World Championships – Bronze medal
  • S.A. Students Judo Team to Moscow – Attained 7th position
  • WP Judo Ladies Captain & Boland Judo Ladies vice-captain
  • Stellenbosch University Judo Team to Australia – Gold medal
  • Students Judo Team,FASU Games ‘06 (African Univ. Games-Gold medal)
  • Stellenbosch University Judo chairperson

She has a passion for martial arts, people and the fight against violence and crime.

Wynand van Zyl

wynandWynand started his martial arts career at the young age of 6 by doing Karate as most all youngsters do. At age 12 he joined CMAA and started his Taekwondo career. He joined SCS in 1999 and took part in various SCS jobs throughout the Eastern Free State.

Currently he holds a 3rd dan Blackbelt in Taekwondo and actively runs his own Taekwondo clubs. He is one of the head instructors at Fortis, training groups such as CPFs, Farm Patrols, Security Companies and more. Wynand teaches self defence concepts, anti rape and many more courses and is an active member of Fortis.