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Please note that forthwith all kit and equipment sales are handled by Geardo. Fortis has merged with them to bring you a wider variety with better backup and service. To view any and all of the products we offer via Geardo, follow the links below.

Downloadable Courses

Some of our courses are available to purchase and download. See below.


We use Speras Torches for their quality, durability, design and their low price compared to other similar torches in the industry. We have tested Speras torches and they get the Fortis Stamp of Approval. 

Night Vision

If you cannot see in the dark, you will be caught off guard. Without night vision equipment in your toolkit, you are not properly equipped.


The weight and dimensions of the TMC makes it an excellent training tool as well as some other applications when combined with the correct tactics.

Two Way Radios

We have been using Zartek radios on our operations since 2014 and the quality and ruggedness of these radios have withstood the test of Fortis.


Drones play an integral part in security today. Especially on farms. If you have not invested in a drone yet, you may be missing the most important part of your overall safety plan.


Quality accessories to be used in training scenarios, or as tactical add-on tools in your toolkit.


Gas and accessories for the gasguns.

Pepper Spray

With so many pepper spray brands available, there is a reason why US law enforcement use Sabre Red. Having tested Sabre Red extensively we fully agree that this is the no 1 pepper spray brand out there.


These grenades can be applied in scenarios where suspects are hiding inside buildings or crowds need to be dispersed. 100% less lethal, you can safely lob a pepper or sonic grenade to achieve the desired effect.