Zartek ZA-725 Two Way Radio



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The Zartek ZA-725 Portable Two Way Radio is easy to use and gives you reliable and clear communication. The ZA-725 UHF transreceiver operates at 0.5W on both license-free bands namely 464 MHz consisting of 5 frequencies and 446 MHz consisting of 8 frequencies. This transreceiver is also approved by ICASA to operate on licensed bands from 400 – 470 MHz on 4W of transmitting power.

High strength materials and quality components have been used in the manufacture of this two-way radio to give many years of product use. It is designed for rugged outdoor and industrial use to excel in tough environments. The ZA-725 radio is small and compact for easy handling. Li-ion battery technology and VOX (voice activation) are included amongst many features that enhance performance yet keep the transreceiver easy to operate. A detachable antenna enables external car or house antennas to be used with the radio to extend communication range.



Li-ion Battery with long operating time
Small, Compact & Durable
Extra Long Range
Plug-in Charger
16 Channels


Frequency Range      446 MHz and 464 MHz license-free, (400-470 MHz licensed)
Channel Capacity      16
Frequency Spacing      25kHz/ 12.5 kHz
Working Voltage      7.4 V
Frequency Stability      ± 2.5ppm
Operating Temp.      -25 C – +55 C
Antenna Impedance      50?
Dimensions excl Antenna(LxWxH)      113mm x 57mm x 34.5mm
Weight (including Antenna and Battery)      200g
Battery Capacity      1100mAH
Battery Operating Time Average      30 hours on 5:5:90 duty cycle
Output Power      500mW license-free, (4W licensed)
Modulation Mode      16k?F3E/ 8k?F3E
Maximum Frequency modulation      ± 5kHz/± 2.5kHz 
Audio Distortion      ? 5%
Residual frequency modulation      -40 dB / -35 dB 
Adjacent Channel Power      -70 dB / -60 dB 
Spurious and Harmonic Wave      – 36dBm < 1 GHz – 30dBm > 1 GHz
Receiving Sensitivity      ? 0.18 uV/ 0.22uV
Adjacent Channels Selectivity      ? 70 dB/ 60dB
Intermediation      ? 60dB
Spurious Response      ? 70dB
SNR      ? 50/ 45 dB
Audio Output Power      0.5 W
Audio Distortion      ? 5%


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