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Home Security Books

Home Invasion : Robbers Disclose What You Should Know
Rudolph Zinn

A disturbing must read for South Africans. The author gives us an insight into the modus operandi of criminals and their propensity to resort to violence. The bottom line is that if criminals perceive or have information that you have jewellery , large amounts of cash and high end appliances you are a potential target. The robbers also reveal who their sources of information are: domestics, gardeners, security guards, service providers, even members of the SAPS and how they plan their crimes. There are tips and suggestion s to what individuals and the police can do reduce home invasions.



A Country At War With Itself
Anthony Altbekker

Antony, As I have told you. I have been a wannabe criminologist for eight years. As the founder of www.eblockwatch.co.za South Africas biggest community crime fighting project,presently over 55,000 members,I hear horrific crime stories. So many that the whole crime thing and its solutions became a blur. This December I read your book and it made our South African crime problem all fall into place. We have to persue the criminals using all the IT tricks we have. Well done.It made so much sense. Andre Snyman


The A-Z of Home Security: How to Keep Your Home and Family Safe from Crime
DG Conway

A burglary takes place on average every 30 seconds. This book will show you how you can reduce the risk of it happening to you. There is a lot that the average person can do to protect themselves, their family and their property. This book will show you how to perform a security review on your home and lifestyle: – how to identify a range of vulnerabilities, threats and risks; and – how to take the countermeasures that will make it highly unlikely that you become a victim of crime. The measures are mostly simple, and all are designed to be implemented with the minimum of cost and effort.


Reader’s Digest Home Safety and Security DIY Manual

Don’t put yourself at risk of injury, fire or intruders in your home. There are many simple ways to ensure that you and your property are safe and secure at all times. Follow our tips for working safely when you’re up a ladder or working on an electrical circuit, or follow the step-by-step instructions for fitting window locks to protect your home when you’re away. With this manual you’ll find out how to deal competently with home emergencies such as gas leaks or burst pipes, and clear illustrated instructions will give you the confidence to administer first aid if problems do occur. There is also advice on dealing with some particularly modern security threats, such as identity theft and essential tips for staying safe online. This practical manual will give you complete peace of mind.


Essential Home Security
A comprehensive, PDF download guide

If you’ve ever been concerned that your home or apartment might not be secure from illegal entry, “Essential Home Security” is a worthy read. The book exposes common security issues found in personal dwellings and explains in clear terms how to address them


The Ultimate Guide to Home Security
PDF eBook
By Daniel Berg

This 58 page 6″x9″ full color e-book is packed with information, hardware and systems designed for homeowners to help you protect your home form a burglary. Mr Berg has covered all the basics and includes proven tips so you can easily transform your home from a burglary target to a safe sanctuary for your family and property.