Voice Alert

Voice Alert – Voice Alarms

Normal burglar alarms are not deterrents.  If you are on a farm then your neigbours are not going to hear it.  If you are in a town or city, your neighbours are going to ignore it.  Your alarm does not scare intruders. However, if you see your alarm as part of your early warning system, to notify you when intruders have breached your perimeter, then you are going to need to know where your perimeter was breached so you will know where the attack is coming from and this will give you time to get your defences in place and fight back. 

You can integrate your perimeter alarm with a CCTV system, but then you have to be at your CCTV to see where the intruders have entered your property and where they are approaching from.  Now with www.voicealert.co.za you can have an alarm that monitors different zones and allerts you via voice which are has been breached.  You pre – record your message with whatever allert you want for example “front gate open” and when the zone where your front gate is located in is breached, you will be notified via your pre -recorded voice message that   indeed the “front gate open”.  You now know where your attackers are coming from and you can take corrective action.

You can now have several voice alert speakers in your house, in different rooms, so no matter where you are, you will be notified where your perimeter has been breached and you can take appropriate action.

Normal alarms systems just make an alarm, and if you are not at the control panel at a given time, you will not know which zone has been breached.  If you are in bed sleeping and the alarm goes off, you do not have to 1. wake up, 2. realise what is going on , 3. make your way to the alarm cotrol panel, 4. try to figure out which zone was triggered, 5. then take appropriate action. 

With VoiceAlert you will be woken by “front gate open” and you will know immediately where the threat is coming from and you can take immediate action.

This is infinetly better than a normal standard alarm system. 

Furthermore the alarm can be integrated with an SMS system as well as relays making it ideal for farms and small holdings.  Now, if an intruder crosses your boundry, no matter where you are, you can be notified via your cell phone of the exact location of the breach.

Visit www.voicealert.co.za for more info