United We Stand

United We Stand

It is 3 Dec. Yesterday morning a very gruesome farm murder took place in the Free State during yet another farm attack. The husband (in his 40’s) and his wife (in her 30’s) and their 3 year old daughter were murdered.

The content of this newsletter might be construed as political, but it is not in fact. These are mere facts. I have a deep seated anger inside me as I write this, and it must be said. As much as it can be so construed by certain factions, these thoughts are indeed foremost in a lot of people’s minds. People who share in this helpless anger.

Last night I could not help but think it through, over and over…Why would someone or a group of people do such a thing? It was a farm murder, and normally linked to farm murders is merciless brutality.

This particular murder was no different. The husband was hit to death outside his back door. His wife and 3 year old child…executed. Shot point blank. There were 6 murderers, and they only got away with firearms and credit cards.

The normal excuse our government use, quite possibly to conceal their inability to ensure a safe country to live and prosper in for all it’s law abiding citizens as per our constitution, is to say that the motive was simply robbery. Rubbish.

Getting back to why they would do such a thing.

To link a psychological diagnosis to the savage perpetrators of such gruesome acts is also rubbish, and only allows justification and an excuse for such behaviour.

The fact is that NOTHING can ever justify such a heinous act. There is also much political sensitivity because it is almost exclusively white farmers who are murdered. Whether this is purely as a result of apartheid, or the fact that most farmers are white, or whatever reason is given, it remains irrelevant in a lot of people’s minds.

What IS important for them is that it is happening, and it is happening more frequently, and that the murderers are becoming more and more savage by the day.

The dreaded question then, regardless of our governments “crime statistics” is:  Are the farm murders racially motivated political killings?

Yet the current government and their followers (and leaders) persist that the singing of songs like the well known “Kill the boer” are merely their right due to their struggle history.

While it might be true that this is for them a song with lots of meaning dating back to the struggle for political freedom, there is little to no sensitivity as to how the song, and it’s implicated meaning, is perceived by, very specifically, white farmers in South Africa.
And one would expect a government to be at least sensitive to the feelings and fears of minority groups, keeping in mind that the freedom struggle has been over for almost 2 decades.

The question does arise – if they sing such “freedom songs” in public, what do they do (and say) behind the curtains?

It certainly has a negative effect on anybody’s perception of the very people who are supposed to govern our country if they say things like “Crime must be fought tooth and nail” but continue to sing such songs with total disregard of the fears this instil in so many of their citizens?

Regardless of one’s race or the place we live in, the fact that these type of brutal, savage attacks are the order of the day in South Africa, MUST be sufficient proof to even the most ardent nay-sayers that we are living in an extremely dangerous country.

In fact, statistics proof that South Africa is more dangerous than the war zone in Iraq, but still we live as though we are in no danger at all.

The truth is that NOBODY can still afford to live as though there is nothing going on here. We must get rid of the “head in the sand” mentality, hoping that things like this only happen to others.

This mindset is what makes us victims! Mere statistics, forgotten as fast as the last meal we had as the list of innocent people being murdered by armed thugs increases every single day.

Start taking responsibility for the safety of your loved ones TODAY!

I sincerely want to make a call to every man, to every head of the household. Whether you are an individual, or a family man, take responsibility now. Starting right now, make a decision that you will start to do things differently. Take the leading role in the protection of your family…and stay active at that, making it a way of life. You owe this much to your loved ones, and to yourself.

Start by actively seeking out venues and companies where you can get proper training in security and defence.

Seek methods of defence that are easy, affordable, and effective.

Start a safety campaign in your house. Develop a plan of action that the whole family can understand and follow in a critical event. Identify danger areas, or seek professional help in doing so. But start today, right now!

At Fortis we offer Pro Active Defence Solutions

We offer exactly what our name spells out – Pro Active Defence Solutions:

  • Training – so you can secure the safety of your whole family.
  • Safety tools – for use by you and every member of your family as part of your safety system.
  • Mindset – to enable you to be ready to actually use this training to defend yourself and your family.

Take responsibility now, and prevent such horrible events as what took place yesterday on a farm in the Freestate.

Look with an open mind at the TDR courses and safety products that we offer, and determine if it is the right action to take for the safety of your family.

Till next time. Take care. Be safe, and aware. Refuse to be a victim and fight back.