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Lone Operator Farmers

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Being a farmer in SA is one of the most dangerous jobs to have in 2020. Through this course we aim to give you quality instruction from ex SAP Task Force and ex military members to ensure you get the correct training needed to handle any and all situations of this silent war.

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Let us Empower YOU!

South Africa, 2020. One of the most violent countries in the world. Every day men and women are being attacked in their homes at an increasingly alarming rate.

To stay alive against this requires more than just training, more than just mindset, more than only kit. It requires something more – it requires Operators.

The Lone Operator program was developed by ex SAP Task Force and ex Military members to ensure farmers are trained to the highest standards to be able to withstand attacks in this modern war.

Being trained by South African operators who have been active in the arena in South Africa over the past decades ensures you get the best training there is.

*** The main idea is to train GROUPS – not individuals. The more highly trained people there are in an area, the better the resistance can be.

How it works?

The program was designed to such a way that groups of farmers – MEN AND WOMEN – can be trained on location – in other words we come to you.

At the head of training of Lone Operator is Leo Prinsloo, former SA Police Task Force member and owner of The Edge Training Academy. Fortis will expose you to instructors like an ex 3 para sniper UK Army and many others to ensure you get top quality instruction from top quality instructors. All with the background to enable you to fight this war.

A lot of force-on-force training will take place, using a variety of platforms. A wide variety of kit will be used in all the sessions, ranging from FLIR to drones to knives and various firearms. Built into the course are three evaluations you will need to pass in order to continue onto the next phase. You will be required to keep a certain level of fitness and be willing to commit to the complete course.

You will learn and cover the following topics

Firearm Fundamentals, Handgun, Carbine and Shotgun tactical, Knife Defence, Marksmanship (sniper training), Team Tactics, Tactical Medical, Survival, Night patrols, Legal Aspects, Patrolling Techniqeues, Awareness, Intelligence and management thereof, Safety plans and structures and more …. and more team tactics.

You will need to own your own, licensed handgun at least (and preferably a shotgun and carbine – although not necessary).


Cost Packages

We will train groups from 2 – 16 people in size. Any groups larger than that will have to split into two. Cost given are per group – irrespective of group size.

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 Fortis is a registered dealer with most suppliers and should any kit be required, it can be acquired through us at a discounted rate.

To ensure you get the complete benefit we suggest you complete the whole training cycle. Do expect professional instructors with legit backgrounds, teaching you in a professional manner. We are looking for self-motivated, driven individuals with a hunger to learn.

If you fit the above and agree to the rules, then please get in touch with us below.



You can either send a mail to deon@fortisgroup.co.za or WhatsApp or call 082 663 6005 (note that calls may not be answered if we are in meetings or busy with training. In that case please leave a message or send a WhatsApp – we will reply).