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Karambit Course via Zoom

with Crazy Monkey Centurion – Jacques Wagner


 R100 pp


This course will be held via Zoom and will be 60 minutes long.

Wednesday 20 May 19h30 SA time.

Learn some finer Karambit skills from Jacques, an expert in the Karambit style.

While everyone is on lockdown, this is an ideal and affordable opportunity. Under the guidance of Jacques, you will learn some great Karambit skills.

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Click the button below to pay securely via Payfast and be redirected to the link for the meeting.

South Africans – R100 pp
(pay with Payfast)




Overseas Attendees – US$6.50 pp
(pay with Paypal)


The session will be 60 minutes.

If at any time you are disconnected, just re-connect with the same credentials (found after payment)

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NB:- Safety is always important. Please take note of the following safety rules.

1. We also suggest you ensure you are alone in your training area, that no other family members have access to the training area during the session.