Lone Operator


This is NOT a job offer, nor does this course count towards getting you a job as a PSD anywhere in the world. This is a fresh approach to training in South Africa – for anyone who wants more from training and improving themselves. Please do NOT send cv’s. We will just bin them. 

We Want YOU!

South Africa, 2020. One of the most violent countries in the world. Every day men and women are being attacked in their homes at an increasingly alarming rate.

To stay alive against this requires more than just training, more than just mindset, more than only kit. It requires something more – it requires Operators.

We are looking for groups of men and women to start the Lone Operator course. A course that will run over 12 months and teach you to become that Sheepdog that can look after his own in the community. The Lone Operator program is one designed to take you on a 12-month journey, exposing you to top-quality instructors, teaching you top quality content to ensure you earn the Lone Operator badge at the end.


What we are looking for?

We are looking for men & women who will commit to a 12-month timeframe of training. You will be issued with a training program which will include 1 weekend per month where the team gets together for formal training. These sessions may be as short as 3 hours or as long as the whole weekend.

At the head of training of Lone Operator is Leo Prinsloo, former SA Police Task Force member and owner of The Edge Training Academy. Fortis will expose you to instructors like an ex 3 para sniper UK Army and many others to ensure you get top quality instruction from top quality instructors.

A lot of force-on-force training will take place, using the gasguns that Fortis has become notorious for over the years. A wide variety of kit will be used in all the sessions, ranging from FLIR to drones to knives and various firearms. Every three months you will have to pass an evaluation to continue onto the next phase. You will be required to keep a certain level of fitness and be willing to commit to the complete 12-month session. Dropping out at any time means you will have to start at the beginning again.

You will learn and cover the following topics

Firearm Fundamentals, Handgun, Carbine and Shotgun tactical, Knife Defence, Marksmanship (sniper training), Team Tactics, Tactical Medical, Survival, Night patrols, Movement & Camouflage, Tactical Abseiling, Basic Diving and more …. and more team tactics.

This will culminate in a SERE weekend in order to earn your Lone Operator badge.

People ask WHY do we do this? Simply because we can, and we want to.

To apply you will need to be medically fit enough to do exercise and to be able to pass a basic army fitness test. You will also need to own your own, licensed handgun at least (and preferably a shotgun and carbine – although not necessary).

The introduction price for this course will be R790 pp per month, payable in 12 monthly installments.

Excluded from this fee is the following

1. Travelling to and from venues used for training
2. Ammunition needed for training
3. Range fees to be paid when needed
4. Any kit needed over and above what you currently have
5. Food and drinks

Fortis is a registered dealer with most suppliers and should any kit be required, it can be acquired through us at a discounted rate.

No contract, no obligation, you can cancel at any time. The only rule is – dropping out at any time means you will have to start at the beginning again. Do not expect a military-type boot camp scenario where instructors shout military-style commands at you. Do expect professional instructors with legit backgrounds, teaching you in a professional manner. We are looking for self-motivated, driven individuals with a hunger to learn.

If you fit the above and agree to the rules, then please register below. You will then be invited to an info session whereupon the program will be unfolded.



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