Intro to CQB & Night Manoeuvres 

This course is our intro to CQB course and runs from 9am through to 9pm (21h00). 

Airsoft and training guns are used in this course as the whole course is aimed at running the correct movements. 

The night manoeuvres part is done to ensure the course participants get familiarised with the correct application of their senses at night while running team drills. 

Time is also spent on kit – personal kit like tacvests/bulletproofs as well as night vision and thermal imaging. 

After this course a student will have an understanding of basic CQB movements – 1 man, 2 man and 3 man – as well as moving around at night plus the correct utilisation of kit.

What Do I Need?

You can bring your carbine, handgun and personal kit like bulletproof, gloves and more. If you want advice on your own NV equipment, you are welcome to bring that along as well.


A basic understanding and proficiency of your handgun is needed.

No previous experience of CQB is required.

NOTE: – this is an intro course covering the basics

What to bring:

  • Ensure you bring enough water and food/refreshments for the day. Stay hydrated.
  • Licensed firearm in holster, the holster you carry every day would be the best.
  • Weapon Mounted Light (if you have) and handheld torch
  • Magazines & mag pouch
  • Tacvest & plates
  • No rounds will be fired, only drills and dry runs on this course
  • Warm jacket etc – it is at night so please take that into consideration
  • Seeing that this is an EDC course, wear clothes and equipment that you typically carry or wear.

What Does It Cost?

This course will cost you R980 pp – and this includes a 1 year Fortis Club Membership worth R350. 

See details on the Fortis club here.

For current Fortis Club Members, this course is R550 pp.

How Do I Register?

Simply pay your moneys into the following account.

Investec Private Bank
Fortis Pro-active Defence Solutions
Current Account 100 113 893 00
Branch Sandton Grayston Drive
Branch Code 580105

Send POP to – 


And then complete the registration form below.

Please save this number should you need directions etc on the day  082 663 6005

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