Carbine Courses

Our Carbine Course is presented in 3 levels – Fundamentals, Level 1 and Level 2. We prefer shooters to do all 3 levels in consecutive order but if we have a proficient shooter joining, they will be allowed straight onto level 1 or 2 dependent on their proficiency level.

Not only is the Carbine as a platform covered in depth, but a lot of practical shooting takes place to ensure a high level of proficiency with your carbine. As each level is unique, you will advised on the requirements for each level – such as protective wear, ammo count and more.

Courses take place on different ranges and will be announced as they become available. Please follow along in our newsletter or our Facebook page.

Notice: Currently we are re-setting our training calendar because of lockdown, therefore to stay informed re dates and more we suggest you either sign up for our newsletter here

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