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“if you haven’t heard from us the week before the course, do follow up with us, also ensure your WhatsApp settings is correct so we can add you to a group”

Should you need to get in touch in the meantime please send an email to


  1. Ensure you have read ALL the info on the previous pages – we answer ALL your questions there
  2. Ensure you have signed up to the LO Portal – – register and wait to be approved
  3. Wait for the group to fill up so we can setup a WhatsApp group for your team. Ensure your WhatsApp is setup to be added to groups.
  4. Read the info below carefully. Reading is a big part of this course, as there will be a huge flow of information throughout, so ensure you read all the info we send. 
  5. Start working on your fitness regime.

Welcome To The Lone Operator Family!

Thank you for signing up!

Please ensure you read and understand the following info. 

  1. Seeing that we are working with a very large group of course participants, the chances of mistakes or communication errors do exist. We will do our utmost to ensure you have all the information needed.
  2. Should you wish to contact us, please do so via email only –
  3. We are running multiple facets of our business and we are not always available via telephone and/or WhatsApp. We may be busy with operations or similar and you will not be answered timeously then. To ensure all enquiries are handled, please use the above email address.
  4. While we wait for the course to start please join the Lone Operator portal.  >>      : This portal is for LO Members only and inside is a vast amount of info and knowledge. Do ensure to keep re-visiting this portal. This is also where the discounted online store is for all LO members. Once you have registered you will have to wait to be approved.If you experience any issues re registering, send us a mail to so we can assist you. Once approved, ensure you read the MUST READ IMPORTANT INFO section. If you have any questions re this, please let us know.
  5. Please see the link below to the calendar for the 12 month training sessions please look for your own team in its own column (scroll left and right). Do not download this calendar, but always work on the online version to ensure you see all updates. Bookmark the link to your device.
  6. We do suggest that you do not miss out on any training if possible as you will need to complete all sessions to complete the course. Catch-ups in Gauteng is easier to do while in the other provinces there are no real catch-up sessions, because we run 1 group at a time. So please plan your year accordingly.
  7. Also, feel free to join our facebook group. In this group you will get to see the bigger picture, meet the rest of the teams and also see what is on in the LO community.
  8. Your first payment will be invoiced closer to the start/kickoff of your team. The payment will be allocated against your account and you will receive your first invoice and statement close after kickoff.USING THE CORRECT AND SAME PAYMENT REFERENCE throughout the course is NBNBNBNB.You will make 12 x monthly payments of the same amount, to the same account, with the same payment reference. Please save all your POPs incase of queries. 
  9. Lastly, we will be setting up a whatsapp group closer to your kick off date and be in touch with final details re times and venue. The first kick off is the “slowest” in the sense that we are waiting for enough people to join to fill up a team before we communicate final details and info.

Take note in the info session the section about missing sessions and refunds. Take note that no one-on-one sessions are available for anyone. No exceptions.


  1. If you’ve reached this page, this means that you have already paid for your first month and you have completed the registration form. This form is needed on our side to ensure we slot you into the correct group and procedure in our system. Thank you!
  2. This means that your spot IS CONFIRMED!!! Congratulations, and we look forward to meeting you! 
  3. Depending on how long before you have registered, you may be receiving some emails from us before the beginning of the session. We will not be flooding you however with mails, just a gentle nod to ensure we are ready and running.
  4. Should anything change, we will notify you immediately. We are living in strange times with lockdowns etc and might have to move some stuff around. This is only in the utmost cases hopefully. But until anything changes, everything stays the same.
  5. If you have any questions do mail us at and we will revert back to you.
  6. Do check the info below re your first session

That is that! You are ready to kick it off, so start working on the fitness in the meantime. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, jogging – the normal kind of thing.

Looking forward to meeting you!!

Some info re prepping for your first session.

Even though you may be a skilled shooter, we will be doing a benchmark session on day 1 – this is so that we can have a benchmark to take forward as we progress, but also to ensure the instructors see how everyone is handling their firearms. We need to ensure safety at all times, therefore a session like this is of paramount importance.

You will also do a fitness benchmark on day 1. Same as above, the idea behind the course is to ensure your growth in the next 12 months.

Therefore, we use these benchmarks to ensure we progress with each individual. The aim of the course is to grow the individual, to enable them to be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones, so growth is our key focus. In all areas.

For day 1 you will need

  • own licensed handgun plus 1 mag
  • 75 rounds
  • holster
  • hat, sunscreen, closed shoes, range clothes
  • eyes and ears (we do supply these if you don’t have them)
  • enough water/fluids – the days are full and long on Lone Operator and you get tired. The day starts at 7h30 and ends at around 17h00.
  • food/snacks to keep going – take note – we don’t do formal lunch breaks, so if you do get an opportunity, throw some scoff down your neck and take water throughout to stay fed and hydrated throughout. Something like nuts and biltong works a charm.

Fitness Information (Not For Expendables)

We will also do a fitness benchmark – why? As you go through this course you will understand why we focus on fitness – keep in mind this course is aimed at defending yourself, it is not a fun shooting event. So the whole focus is driven to that.

The fitness benchmark is NOT to disqualify you, but once again a benchmark to be used in evaluations.

So you can show up in PT clothing and dress into range clothing afterwards.

You will be doing

  • a 2,4km run
  • 2 minutes of situps – to exhaustion
  • 1 minute of push-ups – to exhaustion (iow your own max)
  • pull-ups – to exhaustion
  • 10 x 25m shuttle runs

In the meantime, have a look at this video (a taste of where we go with this course)