Safety Evaluations

  • Are your safety measures adequate?
  • Think your home is properly secured against intruders?
  • Have you ever wondered where the holes in your security layer might be?

Safety / Security Evaluations: Time spent on your property and showing you all the issues you might have both inside and outside your house, complete report with shortcomings and recommendations made by our experts. We can tailormake a package to suit your specific needs, whether you are a private home owner, a farmer or a business.

Most people feel (falsely) secure in their own little cocoon, thinking that their security is so tight, no one will be able to penetrate it. They have electrical fences and spotlights and guard dogs and alarms, but the real question is – what do criminals think about all this? Interviews with house robbers, now in jail, suggest that the majority of them will, no matter how high your security measures, successfully penetrate your premises in order to steal the items or money or whatever they have identified as worth stealing.

Having the proper mindset and awareness, proper security layers and a security action plan should be an integral part of your whole security system – the purpose of which is to act as a deterrent to try and rather keep armed home invaders OUT of your home as far as possible and give you ample and early warning to be prepared should they breach your security and enter your home.

The LAAGER mentality: creating a false sense of security

The Voortrekkers used their oxwagons to create a circle of security – a laager – against enemy attacks. In modern day South Africa this example can be applied very effectively to demonstrate the false sense of security (illusion of safety) that is so common. We have pulled our oxwagons in a laager: the SAPS, your security company, electric fencing, devil’s fork palisade, burglar bars, alarms, motion sensor lights, remote cameras, dogs etc. Now we sit back in the middle of our “laager” and convince ourselves that we are safe because we have all these measurements and services in place. This is wrong, and can be a fatal mistake!

If they want to get in your house, they will! Dogs and burglar bars and security companies all have a place in your security – but they will NOT stop a determined criminal. If you are at home when they want to get in, and you lack proper layered security and a proper action plan – they will surprise you AND hurt you. The Voortrekkers went a step further. Every child and woman and every other person involved in their caravan, formed part of their overall defense plan. Men and older boys usually did the fighting (shooting). The rest, from women to young children and other parties were each given a specific task: Water carriers for fire, gun loaders, making more lead bullets, seeing to the wounded, adding extra firepower where needed etc.

Modern day South African families need to adapt this same mentality. Criminals have long ago made this choice for us. Safety in and around the house is not only the responsibility of one person. The family must be involved, and everybody should know their role in case of such an emergency. Let Fortis empower YOU! Fortis will assist you to first identify the potential problem areas with, or often total lack of, proper perimeter security and layered security measures.

Then we will also assist you to draw up a proper action plan specifically adapted for you and your family’s unique requirements and safety. Coupled with the awareness and mindset training that forms part of our TDR courses, this will be a major help in improving your security, and offering yet more peace of mind.

We empower South Africans in the fight against crime.