April 2021 Special


    Fortis Club

    FORTIS CLUB membership. Ammo, flashlights, guns, tactical kit, motivations, training and much much more, your Fortis Club Membership unlocks exclusive discounts at the best businesses, whether shopping online or in person.

    T1 Flashlight

    SPERAS T1 has a super beam distance of 1300m and high performance of 1200lm, customized OSRAM LED, a synchronous step-down circuit with high efficiency up to 92% and special optical system. It is an excellent long-range flashlight. The tail button has a mode memory function and can realize ON momentary-ON and quick strobe function. LED breathing function with changing 7 colours gives you a different experience. T1 is suitable for police and military, law enforcement, search and rescue, hunting and other outdoor activities.

    R26 – Battery
    Rechargeable Lithium 18650 battery with USB port
    Volume:2600mah / Powered: 9.62Wh
    Voltage:2.8V – – 4.2V
    R34 -?Battery
    Rechargeable Lithium 18650 battery with USB port
    Volume:3400mah / Powered: 12.58Wh
    Voltage:2.8V – – 4.2V