Pepper Guns

Pepper Guns For Self Defence

With gun control laws in South Africa becoming tighter and stricter, an effective alternative to self defence is by using Pepper Guns. They are great for additional defence (over and above your side arm), are less lethal (but could still kill someone) and requires no licence.

You also do not have to keep it locked up in a safe (where it is of no use to anyone) and you can get as many as you want. They are relatively cheap to buy and to operate and each member of the family can have one and be trained to use it to great effect. Several police agencies across the world use these guns as less lethal alternatives and during riot control.

(Please note, gasguns should not replace real fire arms if you can get a licence. If however you can not get a licence or additional licences for additional fire arms, or if you do not want to bother with the hassle of the legalities, then look at gasguns as a viable alternative. Just know, you are better off with a real fire arm in a self defence situation if you are properly trained with it)

Gasguns shoot a capsicum powder pepper ball, the same as in pepper spray canisters. These are hard plastic balls filled with pepper powder and on impact 1. Stun the attacker and disintegrate, 2. Fill the air immediately around him with pepper spray dust that will burn his eyes, nose, throat and mouth with pepper, incapacitating him temporarily, giving you time to take further action.

They are relatively cheap to operate and you can get training balls for as little as R1.50 each, so you can train using the gun.

Just like any other firearm or personal safety device, if you are not fully trained in using it and can not instinctively use it when the situation requires it, then do not use one as you will most likely end up escalating the situation to where you can not handle it. You must be extremely comfortable in its handling and use and should spend a good deal amount of time firing it and training with it. We strongly suggest to do a formal training course for specific tactics in the use of a Pepper Gun – click here.

Pepper Guns For Home Invasion Protection

Here is what we do different that make Pepper Guns so effective for us as fire arm alternatives in the case of home invasions. If you do a search for “pepper guns” on Google you will find several websites specialising in the sale of them. They generally come in the form of a pistol with a 9 – 10 shot magazine and a small CO2 canister that slots in the grip. This is NOT the gun that we use or recommend for home invasion defence.

First off, we do not want to go into a gun fight with just 9 rounds of ammunition in a magazine. 9 pepper balls will be fired in seconds and you may delay one attacker, but in the case of house raiders there may be multiple assailants and your 9 pepper balls are then not going to make a difference. If you carry it on your person in town you may deter a mugger, but for home invasion purposes this 9 ball shooter will not suffice.

We have developed the Fortis Defender Range – click here – that overcomes the obstacles of normal pepper guns. Our defenceguns offer

  1. Bigger magazines – ranging from 60 – 200 round magazines
  2. Mixture of glass/nylon and pepper ammo
  3. Bigger gas cannisters – offering from 180 rounds – 600 rounds per cannister

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The main twist is that with a 200 round magazine and with a semi automatic gun you can shoot several shots at an attacker or multiple attackers and still have ammunition to keep up a fight. Combined with an upgraded weapons system like the Defender AND quality tactical training, you will have the edge on attackers taking you on inside your own home. Our guns have been used to stop farm attacks and is still used successfully in anti poaching, farm security, mine security, anti rioting and home defence roles. Keep in mind that all the scenarios where our guns were used successfully, the individuals involved had formal Fortis Training before using the Defender gun.

Why You Need At Least 60 Rounds

Even trained special forces operators will not kill with every bullet they fire. Several shots will have to be fired in the direction of an attacker for a percentage of the rounds to hit and make a kill. You want to deliver maximum amount of fire power in the shortest possible time. It is called “suppressive fire” and if you shoot a large volume of rounds at an attacker/s it will suppress them and cause them to flee or surrender or will incapacitate them long enough for you to take evasive action or to follow up with pepper spray or a stun gun so as to make an arrest.

For this reason a 9 shooter pistol pepper gun will not do the job. You need a semi automatic machine gun type of gun that can shoot multiple rounds in order to suppress or incapacitate the house raiders.

Why Not Full Automatic

As soon as you delve into the market of pepper guns you will come across the option to have an electronic trigger meganism that allows you to shoot at full automatic. Now in terms of delivering suppresive fire this is a fantastic option. But here is the problem… These electronic triggers work with batteries. You do not want to fiddle with a pepper gun with dead batteries in the middle of a house attack. You do not want to grab your gun just to find out that the batteries on the trigger has gone dead and now your gun is useless.

Our Defender semi automatic gun is mechanical and quite reliable and can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. 5 Shots per second is a good standard.

Training And Experience

Please note, these are NOT TOYS. They can be lethal if used with pepper balls and glass nylon balls. Do not shoot at people unless being attacked. You may still have some explaining to do afterwards but at least you may be alive do do said explanation.

Just like a real firearm you need to know how to use the gun, be able to operate it in the dark, under pressure, shoot accurately and how to fix a storage. In this respect you need training.

Without training, you might as well save the money and buy a baseball bat, the results will be the same. We cannot stress the importance of the correct training and practice – that is why we offer a variety of training courses – click here.

The training together with the correct gun together with practice, is what will save your life in a danger situation.

Read the fire arms control act and treat your pepperbal gun as a fire arm and treat it with the same respect.

We Do Not Recommend At Any Time That Pepper Guns Should Replace Real Fire Arms. If You Have Real Fire Arms And Are Well Trained With Them, Use Them For Home Invasion Protection In Stead. This Article Is Merely For Those Looking For Alternatives