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What Do I Need?

You can bring your carbine, handgun and personal kit like bulletproof, gloves and more. You can also bring your own airsoft gun and kit – remember all the exercises are done without ammo. We also have dummy guns/airsoft guns that can be used on the course.

If you want advice on your own NV equipment, you are welcome to bring that along as well.

A basic understanding and proficiency of your handgun are needed.

What to bring:

  1. Ensure you bring enough water and food/refreshments. Stay hydrated.
  2. Licensed firearm in a holster, the holster you carry every day would be the best.
  3. Weapon Mounted Light (if you have) and handheld torch
  4. Magazines & mag pouch
  5. 100 rounds
  6. Warm jacket etc – it is at night so please take that into consideration

Seeing that this is an EDC course, wear clothes and equipment that you typically carry or wear.

What Does It Cost?

This course will cost you R850 pp – and this includes a 1 year Fortis Club Membership worth R350.

See details on the Fortis club here.

For current Fortis Club Members, this course is R550 pp.

How Do I Finish My Registration?

Payment Details

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