Lone Operator Info Session – JOHANNESBURG

Thank you for your interest in the Lone Operator course.

By now you would have picked up what this course is about and the commitment that will be required from your side.



If you are unsure what to expect, please read the previous page again. If you are keen to go ahead,

Ensure you attend – we will be holding an info session on

Saturday 1 August 2020 – from 09h00 – 12h00 at the Fortis Training Centre – see link below.




Seeing that this is an info session where we will delve into the concept and hopefully answer all your questions, we would like to invite everyone to attend.

If you cannot make it, please wait for another info session to attend. This will keep us from having to run around with info all the time. In other words, we will only be dishing out info at info sessions. So please don’t ask us to Zoom, Whatsapp, Meet in Person etc etc etc to discuss. Please attend an info session.

The session will be to ensure all questions are answered as well as give you an idea of what happens next and also to check kit.



Bring all personal kit – like vest, gloves, knives, firearm, holster etc. (not stuff like tents and shit please). Also, bring your own drinks etc. We will have a look at specific equipment like IFAK, ballistics etc etc etc. But mostly we will endeavour to answer all questions.

Bring a notebook (except if you have a photographic memory) or some sort of tool to take down info (if you want). As stated this is an info session – so the aim is to give info and for you to get know my warped sense of humour (those who don’t know me yet), no PT nor shooting, cutting, slicing, stabbing, punching or any other exercises will be taking place.



If you need any more info before then, please send me a mail – please don’t Whatsapp – I prefer to keep the channel going via mail for now.



this just so we know how much TP to put into the toilets. By completing the form it counts as your RSVP and we expect to see you at the info session.