Lone Operator Ladies – PTA/JHB area

We Want YOU!

South Africa, 2020. One of the most violent countries in the world. Every day men and women are being attacked in their homes at an increasingly alarming rate.

To stay alive against this requires more than just training, more than just mindset, more than only kit. It requires something more – it requires Operators.

We are looking for groups of men and women to start the Lone Operator course. A course that will run over 12 months and teach you to become that Sheepdog that can look after his own in the community. The Lone Operator program is one designed to take you on a 12-month journey, exposing you to top-quality instructors, teaching you top quality content to ensure you earn the Lone Operator badge at the end.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for women who will commit to a 12-month timeframe of training. You will be an individual committed to learning. Someone not afraid of pushing yourself to the next level.

This course will tax you mentally and physically. It is for people who are not afraid to push themselves mentally and physically. Physical Training will be done during every session. Stress inoculation is present at all sessions. Understand what this is about.

This is not for fun shooters. This is not a sport shooting event. The whole course is aimed at self-preservation.

You have to be able to be self-reliant and train on your own in between sessions as you will be evaluated in order to be able to progress.

Our Instructors

At the head of training of Lone Operator is Leo Prinsloo, former SA Police Task Force member and owner of The Edge Training Academy. Fortis will expose you to a variety of the best instructors in South Africa to ensure you get the best instruction.

Training is focused on defending the self, using all weapon platforms and more. Every three months you will have to pass an evaluation to continue onto the next phase. You will be required to keep a certain level of fitness and be willing to commit to the complete 12-month session. Dropping out at any time means you will have to start at the beginning again.2

Thank you for your interest in the Lone Operator course. Lone Operator La Femme is a course for ladies only – no men will be allowed on this course as participants. All our assistant instructors are ladies, so you can relax and learn from female specialists.


If you are unsure what to expect, please read the previous page again. If you are keen to go ahead, please complete the registration form below. You will be sent an info pack including the calendar and payment details and more.

The kickoff date for this course is May 22 – Denel PMP Range – West of Pretoria.

Sessions are held at venues in the PTA / JHB region.


First off – bring a positive attitude, open and willing to learn. 

Bring all personal kit – like a vest, gloves, knives, firearm, holster etc. And clothes for the range. Closed shoes, pants and a shirt that you can freely move about in. Hat, sunblock. Lots of water and food for the day. And anything else on the list that will be sent to you.

Bring a notebook (except if you have a photographic memory) or some sort of tool to take down info (if you want). Ensure you can do a basic fitness test – 2.4km run, push-ups, pullups, situps etc.


Any Rambo, know-it-all attitudes and mindset.

To apply you will need to be medically fit enough to do exercise and to be able to pass a basic army fitness test. You will also need to own your own, licensed handgun at least (and preferably a shotgun and carbine – although not necessary).


this just so we know how much TP to put into the toilets. By completing the form it counts as your RSVP.

You need at least your own licensed handgun, mags, holsters. If you do have a licensed shotgun and/or carbine it is a bonus, if not, we can supply those. If you do have a plate carrier/vest, bring that along. You also have the option to buy the Geardo plate carrier at a discounted rate through us.

The course will cost you R850 pm for 12 months. Included in this fee is the main session’s range fee. You also get 1 year Fortis Club Membership worth R350, a Lone Operator cap and access to some of Fortis’ online courses. But most of all you have free access to other sessions/modules/courses – for free. If you feel like doing a different session in the same month, you can join that for free, only pay the range fee on the day.

Included in this fee is the following

1. Range fees for the Lone Operator program (1 session per month)
2. Access to other modules of the program – this means you can do 2 or 3 courses per month for 1 monthly fee. *excluding other sessions range fees
3. Lone Operator Cap
4. 1 year Fortis Membership which gives you a discount from selected vendors – see the full range here 
5. Free access to some of Fortis’ online courses

Excluded from this fee is the following

1. Travelling to and from venues used for training
2. Ammunition needed for training
3. Range fees for courses outside the normal program
4. Any kit needed over and above what you currently have
5. Food and drinks

Every session starts off with PT (Physical Exercise) and for these, you can wear PT clothing. Thereafter you change into range clothes. Pants, shirt, closed shoes. Remember we are shooting from all positions so your clothes must be able to handle dirt and wear and tear. A hat and shooting glasses are good. We do have shooting glasses and ear muffs you can use on the range if you don’t have your own. Sunblock can help.

Included in your monthly payment is your main session’s range fee. Any other sessions you attend you will need to pay the range fee on the day in cash.

You can supply your own ammo. As a Fortis Club Member you can check with our vendors for specials. Or you can buy ammo from the instructors – NB – this ammo cannot be taken home and has to be used on the range as per law.

The program runs over a 12 month period – with 1 Saturday session per month as the base. You are allowed to join other modules from other groups on other Saturdays as well (only having to pay the range fees on those sessions). This means you can do more than 1 course per month for the same R850 monthly fee.

The first 11 sessions are just 1 Saturday (set aside the whole day for them) with a night shoot as well. The 12th session is a weekend starting on the Friday eve and ending the Sunday afternoon.




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