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Lone Operator Info Session – JOHANNESBURG

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Thank you for your interest in the Lone Operator course.

By now you would have picked up what this course is about and the commitment that will be required from your side.



If you are unsure what to expect, please read the previous page again. If you are keen to go ahead, please complete the registration form below. You will be sent a link to an info session plus requested to pay your deposit. Thereafter the program will be sent to you and kickoff is February 27 – Guns @ Work Range, Germiston, Johannesburg.

In the info session we will delve into the concept and hopefully answer all your questions, we would like to invite everyone to attend.



First off – bring a positive attitude, open and willing to learn. 

Bring all personal kit – like vest, gloves, knives, firearm, holster etc. (not stuff like tents and shit please). 

Bring a notebook (except if you have a photographic memory) or some sort of tool to take down info (if you want). Ensure you can do a basic fitness test – 2.4km run, push ups, pullups, situps etc.



Any Rambo, know-it-all attitudes and mindset.



this just so we know how much TP to put into the toilets. By completing the form it counts as your RSVP.


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