2. Layered Security

2. Layered Security

Layered security – what is that? In tip 1 we looked at awareness. We discussed how awareness can help you steer clear from possible scenarios/situations BEFORE you become or can become involved. And this is the type of security we believe in – being pro-active. We use the same model for our security systems. Layered security.

We feel that your alarm system should not act only as deterrent or as responsive system, but this should act as an early warning system. It is no use your alarm goes off once the intruder is already in your house. We feel you need warning to prepare yourself and your family on the inside. (We will get to the preparation a bit later on). For now, we will discuss layered security and getting enough warning to move to a safe spot and prepare for whatever might be coming.

Therefore you need to divide your property into layers or segments and you need warning whenever something is wrong in a certain layer or segment. Let’s say your dogs start barking – then immediately you should begin to think movement outside the perimeter. It might just be movement passing, but it might be movement entering. Your fence should act as perimeter and the moment this is breached you need warning that the perimeter was breached – layer 1.

At this stage you should have a back-up plan in place – if the perimeter has been breached, the house moves to defence condition 1 (and here you should have some plan inserted – we obviously don’t want to state action stations here as anybody reads the website). The fact of the matter is that everytime the perimeter is breached – what follows? AWARENESS – and this leads to defcon 1 – every time. The issue with security lights and alarms is that these things keep tripping and the owner of the house becomes so used to this is the way it is, that these measures are not really effective against criminals.

They know that no-one will investigate why the light or the alarm has been triggered – we need to  be aware and alert. If someone is testing me and they trigger my lights and everytime they see alert reactions, this will act as deterrent enough. Please don’t go rushing outside with guns pointed at who knows what. Speak to us if you don’t have an effective tactical safety plan in place.

Next step is to be aware of what happens next – perimeter has been breached at the rear wall – now we have movement along the lefthand side fence towards the front. You need to start reacting and deciding what next. Defcon 1 or defcon 2? Now we have movement against the house at a window or door – defcon 2 or 3. And we need to act accordingly.

True, everything is not as clear cut as we let on in the above, but we are trying to advise you to have your security set up in layers or zones and to have a back up plan or tactical response plan in place to act accordingly. You need to decide if you will fight back, make a stand or not. You need to decide when is the point of no return in a situation – BUT – you need to decide this beforehand – don’t argue that adrenalin will fuel me.

In many years on the martial arts circuit I have come across situations where adrenalin has actually not helped, but helped freeze the subject. And on the subject, please don’t think that doing 2 Taebo classes per week will prepare you for a street situation (apologies to all Taebo instructors – myself included). You need proper self defence training to be able to react positively.

Keep safe out there – be aware, be alert and THINK.

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