Are You Ready For When A Violent Attack Happens?

You’re standing in your kitchen, minding your own business, your kids are watching TV when suddenly there is an assailant or group of them at the kitchen door trying to get in.

Your worst nightmare is coming true, stories you just hear about in the news are now happening to you.

You go into shock! Your adrenaline kicks in, your fight or flight response overrides your cognitive decision making.

Your stress level shoots through the roof.

What do you do?

How must you react?

Will you be able to cope?

Are you about to die? Or even worse, your loved ones?

Very few people are prepared for the shock and awe that comes with the chaos and mayhem during a violent attack.

Drawing and using a weapon in such a dynamic and stressful setting is much more difficult than firing at stationary target on a range. 

And imagining your response if this were to happen is not the same as experiencing it.

Surviving a violent crime requires more than just a handgun, but a constant mental state of awareness and a survival attitude as well.

The only way for you to prepare yourself mentally and physiologically for a violent crime is to put yourself under a stressful simulation (in a relatively safe environment), so you can experience the stress associated with an attack and mentally condition yourself on how to cope with it.

When violent crime unexpectedly visits upon you, whether the attack is by an single assailant or a group of them (attacks as seldom done by a lone individual) , shock and stress kicks in, your mind reacts to how you feel.

Stress adaptation is difficult without sufficient training.

Therefore it’s essential to have scenario training. So you don’t feel helpless when you could have done something. It prepares you to survive in a range of highly stressful and chaotic conditions  such as a violent attack.

Our Scenario Training teaches you to cope in this type of situation and how to handle it.

You will experience the stress of chaos and mayhem that comes along with a violent attack with our new course Kaos And Mayhem.

The most adrenaline-packed course currently available in South Africa. Constant pressure, constant adrenaline, constant learning. Be prepared to take your training to the next level!

The complete course is based on shock and awe – adding chaos and mayhem to training scenarios to ensure that you get an adrenaline rush as close to reality as possible.

NOTE: This course is NOT for novice shooters. You need to be a well rounded intermediate shooter to apply for this course. You also need to be medically fit as you will be put through constant shock and awe scenarios to test your mental and physical skills.

You will need 

  • Handgun plus proper Kydex holster (carry position of your choice)
  • Kneepads and gloves
  • Weapon Mounted Light – visit the Fortis Shop here
  • Plate carrier
  • At least 4 magazines
  • Clothing that can take a hard beating, also in the bush
  • Shoes (boots) for similar



How it works

  • The course runs over 5 months – covering 5 modules
  • You have to complete all the modules to successfully complete the course and receive your certificate and badge
  • You cannot skip a module, as modules follow previous modules
  • You will be paying R850 per month per person for the duration of the 5 months. This excludes your travel to and from venues, your food and drink, your ammo and kit.

What you will learn

MODULE 1 – Intro to Kaos & Mayhem

The course runs from 9 am to 9 pm
No ammo is needed – airsoft guns, paintball guns and training guns are used in this module.
The following subjects are covered in this module
  • theory of chaos
  • handling of firearms, fundamentals and more
  • kneeling, moving, stoppages, rolling, supine, prone, shooting around corners and obstacles
  • introduction to CQB
  • introduction to low light and no light movement and fighting – shadows and light
  • night CQB force on force

MODULE 2 – Night shoot

The course runs from 3 pm to 10 pm
100 rounds handgun only

The following subjects are covered in this module

  • Weapon Mounted Light – visit the Fortis Shop here
  • Holsters
  • Shooting positions supine, prone, kneeling, corners
  • Fighting with your WML- CQC and Hand To Hand
  • Moving off the x, how to use the WML correctly – tactics
  • Adding chaos and mayhem

MODULE 3 – Medical

The course runs from 9 am to 7 pm
No ammo needed – airsoft scenarios based
This module is presented by Wildmedix
The module is a complete scenario-based Tacmed session adding chaos and mayhem.

MODULE 4 – Vehicles

This module is a TOTALLY NEW CONCEPT – A night vehicle course. Vehicle combat at night, combining Modules 1-3 into a vehicle combat scenario.
The course runs from 3 pm to 10 pm
150 rounds handgun only
The course covers all the aspects up to now, from modules 1 to 3 and adding vehicle combat in the dark.

MODULE 5 – Scenario

This module starts on Friday at 6 pm and continues through to Saturday at 3 pm
A complete night exercise is carried out on Friday eve, followed by a scenario on Saturday. The course finishes with a social braai and certificates and patches are handed to those who have completed the whole course successfully. 

Sorry Fully Booked.

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