Your Booking Has Been Sent

Thank you for your booking, we will be sending you more info closer to course date. Keep an eye out.

“if you haven’t heard from us the Wednesday before the course, do follow up with us, we send info via bulk sms on the Wednesday before a course”

Should you need to get in touch in the mean time please send an email to

Thank You For Registering

What to bring:

  1. Ensure you bring enough water and food/refreshments for the day. Stay hydrated.
  2. See the weapon and ammo requirements for each module (as they differ)
  3. Tacvest & plates – you train like you run – with or without a vest, your choice.
  4. Warm jacket etc – be prepared for cold and/or rain
  5. Food and drink – ensure you stay fed and hydrated
  6. Make sure you know where the venue is beforehand

Seeing that this is an EDC course, wear clothes and equipment that you typically carry or wear.

We will get back to you with details closer to time.

Venue – Fortis Ground Zero at Out There Sport Shooting Club