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Come For The Training, Stay For The Family

South Africa, 2023. One of the most violent countries in the world.

Every day men and women are being attacked in their homes and communities at an increasingly alarming rate.

We live in a violent time and you need to know how to protect yourself, your loved ones, your property and your community.

Defending yourself and your family from violent attacks is critical.

Civil unrest is a long-standing reality in South Africa and economic and political turmoil will lead to higher levels of anarchy and crime.

And it will only get worse.

You need to be able to defend yourself, your family and your property if you want to keep living in SA.


In general, the person who has the means, access and opportunity to commit a crime will. In South Africa it does not just stop at house robbery, our recent history shows that mob rule and the level of violence that accompanies it is out of controlYou are on your own…

How can you protect yourself and your family in this dangerous environment?

To stay alive against this requires more than just training, more than just mindset, more than only kit. It requires something more – it requires Operators.

Be Your Own First Responder!

The Police may not respond at all and your armed reaction company may be minutes too late in a situation that can go deadly in seconds.

Course Director Leo Prinsloo

Introducing Lone Operator

Developed by ex-SAPS Task Force Members for civilian applications, the Lone Operator program is designed to take you on a journey, exposing you to top-quality instructors, teaching you to become self-reliant and preparing to protect yourself, your family and your community from violent attacks and disasters.

It is the ONLY training of its kind in SA.


Over 500+ Lone Operators Trained So Far


Watch – What Our Lone Operators Say

“Thank you Lone Operator , because of your training and tactics I was able to adequate defend my family and stopped a potential home invasion. While staying safe and keeping calm because the mind was prepared for the shit that comes. No shots fired and they got away but my family is safe. It is scary when your wife calls you and says there is someone busy at our back door and she is home alone with our youngest daughter.
Thanks Deon, Leo and the team.”

Become Part Of Our Unique Family When You Join Lone Operator

Fortis will expose you to various of the best instructors in South Africa to ensure you get the best instruction.

Training is focused on defending the self, using all weapon platforms and more.

You will cover and practice some of the following topics:

  • Firearm fundamentals
  • Handgun tactical shooting
  • Knife Defence
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Close-quarter battle tactics
  • Marksmanship 
  • Tactical Medical
  • Urban And Nature Survival
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Night patrols
  • Combat Fitness
  • Mental fitness and more.

The curriculum is developed to make you your own first responder in an emergency life-threatening situation.

You will need to own your own, licensed handgun.


Over 500 Lone Operators Trained

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