Introducing the Intermediate Handgun Course

Please Note: This Course Is Only Open For People Who Have Attended Our

Fundamentals Course

As It Builds On The Lessons From That Course

Are you ready to take your shooting skills to the next level?

Building on Fortis’s massively successful Handgun Fundamentals course, this training course expands beyond fundamentals to include other critical handgun manipulation skills. This module focuses on the technicalities around the draw-stroke and presentation, magazine changes, movement, shooting from different shooting positions, and much more!

Get ready for an exhilarating and educational experience that will empower you to handle any shooting situation.

Introducing the Fortis Intermediate Handgun Course: Handgun Module 2! 

The aim of this module is to etch all of the essential movement and manipulation skills into subconscious competence, so that if the moment comes, less head space is required to think about manipulation, and all of the focus can be on situational awareness, sight picture, and trigger squeeze. 

Expect a day full of learning and working, also expect to get dirty, dusty, and sweaty!

In any high-stress situation, you will experience a measure of Body Alarm Reaction, and it is imperative that drawing and handgun manipulation happens automatically, so that the effects of adrenaline do not detract from your ability to move and manipulate your firearm.

Book your spot on this action-packed course today to avoid missing out!

 You will need:

  • To have successfully completed the Fortis Fundamentals Course – book here
  • Your own licensed handgun
  • A holster (IWB or OWB) that can attach to a belt
  • At least two magazines
  • 150 rounds
  • Appropriate range attire (closed shoes, pants with a belt)


  • Food and Fluids
  • A chair
  • A hat
  • Sunblock

Don’t Miss Out on This Life-Changing Opportunity!

Join us and unlock your full potential as a skilled and confident shooter. Invest in your safety, gain invaluable skills, and experience the thrill of mastering the art of handgun shooting.

Enrollment is limited, so secure your spot today! 

(range to be confirmed closer to time as we make use of several ranges – in the Pretoria region)

Handgun Intermediate (Module 2 After Fundamentals)

R880 pp

Pretoria Dates:

30 June 2024
14 September 2024
9 November 2024

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