Good Girls Getting Cocky

A Bush Babes initiative, brought to you by Fortis Pro Active Defence Solutions

12 Month all-encompassing self-preservation, protection, defence and survival course

Calling all good girls:  It’s time to be cocky, ladies. Take back your life and your freedom. Starting on August 14 in Midrand, Gauteng 2021, Good Girls Getting Cocky will empower women by teaching them how to protect and defend themselves and their loved ones.

Just some of the topics that will be covered includes; threat detection, Self-defence, using self-defence weapons such as knives and and pepper spray, family and home defence, firearms 101, urban and on the move survival, be familiar with your vehicle (changing tyres, fixing a puncture etc.) and much much more. (see training schedule below)

R850 per month, kicking off Saturday 14 August 2021 in Midrand, Gauteng.

Photographs owned and supplied by Leilani Basson, founder and owner of Bush Babes Adventures. Good Girls Getting Cocky is a Bush Babes initiative, project and Trademark.

Program dates and content:

14 August: Threat identification. Mindset and awareness. Basic Self-defence.

11 September: Self Defence Level 1. Layers of self-defence and the use of various weapons.

16 October: Knife and Pepper Spray techniques.

13 November: Defending your home. Family Safety.

4 December: Introduction to firearms.

22 January: First aid, stop the bleed, escaping manoeuvres, making a harness, rolling techniques.

19 February: Basic firearm shoot.

19 March: Firearms level 2.

23 April: Close Quarter Battle. Real life simulation of safely clearing and navigating your home or other buildings, which has been infiltrated by criminals (without getting shot).

21 May: Survival skills (for urban unrest or other, when having had to evacuate your home or town)

11 June: Defensive Driving (skills to get out of danger in a challenging, volatile situation). Knowing your vehicle (changing tyres, fixing a puncture etc.)

23 July: Night out putting all your skills to the test.

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Terms And Conditions :

  • Your first month’s fees are payable upon registration and serves to reserve your place on this course.
  • Without payment, your place is not reserved.
  • Your fees for September should be paid no later than 5 September.
  • The following months, your fees should be paid by no later than the 30th day of each preceding month ie, October’s fees should be paid by 30 September.
  • Please take note that any changes of any kind could be made at any time, due to the myriad of variables we are working with. We will however endeavour to keep to the dates as much as we can and communicate any changes well in advance.
  • This is a 12-month program. It is imperative to attend all sessions. Individual sessions to catch up will not be possible, due to cost, the availability and other commitments of the unsurpassed trainers conducting this course. The possibility of catching up lost sessions will only be possible once a second group is running, which might only be possible in a few months’ time, or when the following course starts in 12 month’s time. To receive your GGGC Pro badge (Phase 1) at the end of this course, you will have to attend all sessions and successfully execute the skills you have learnt. This will also enable you to move on the Phase 2, where you will master even more skills and build on what you have achieved in Phase 1.
  • We will be taking photographs and videos throughout the course, which is intended for marketing and promotional purposes, which will be used in a professional and well executed manner.  If you do not want us to use pictures or video material of you, for whatever reason, please put your request in writing and email it to, You are also requested to physically (verbally) inform the instructor and photographer on the day about this request, since instructors and photographers vary. It will thus be your responsibility to make sure that your request is communicated to the organisors at every session you attend.
  • By supplying us with your personal information and registering, you agree on receiving information from Good Girls Getting Cocky, Bush Babes Adventures (the creators of GGGC), as well as Fortis Pro Active Defence Solutions (the presenters and trainers of this 12 month course).