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All The Necessary Gun Safety Precautions Were Taken Before Filming Any Videos



Before you can start running your gun successfully, you must master ALL the basics. Starting at the fundamentals of shooting.

The seven fundamentals of shooting

  1. Stance – stance may not always be possible, but take notice of stance. In some cases you may not be in a stance per se – you may be running, kneeling or lying down. But stance is all about forming a solid foundation for your shooting. Keep in mind that a handgun is harder to control than a carbine due to fewer contact points, so you want to make your shooting platform as stable as possible.
  2. Grip – grip is NBNB – make sure to hold the gun, no, even tighter. Tighter, tighter still! Don’t cup and saucer and all kinds of funny business. Get flesh on the gun, as much as you can, get your thumbs aligned and in the correct position and ensure that the grip is strong enough to control that recoil as far as is possible.
  3. Sight alignment – Sight alignment is exactly that. The front and the rear sight must be aligned together and with the target. Proper alignment places the front sight exactly in the centre of the rear sight’s opening. The top of the front sight should be exactly level with the top of the rear sight. The same principle applies to other variations. Equal amounts of “daylight” should be seen to either side of the front sight.
  4. Sight picture – equal height and equal light. Are you focused on the front sight? Is your front sight in the middle of the rear sight? Is your front sight covering your target? Or correctly placed at least?
  5. Trigger squeeze – be slow and consistent on the trigger, remember to take up slack when pushing the gun out.
  6. Breathing – keep breathing, don’t hold your breath. All your organs need oxygen, also the eyes, so the longer you hold your breath, the harder your ability to focus will be. Don’t stop breathing.
  7. Follow through – don’t be in a hurry to unload and holster, be ready, and line up for the next possible bad guy.

Do not rush when shooting targets.

Take time to understand what you are doing wrong, why your shots are landing where they do – AND FIX IT. (see below)

The next video aims to discuss the 7 fundamentals of shooting. It is very important that you get the fundamentals sorted. Lone Operator and surviving a violent attack means shot placement is of the utmost importance.

You won’t have the luxury of carrying 7 extra mags with you, and if you are a South African, chances are your attackers will be more than 5, armed to the teeth, probably trained and very likely wearing body armour.

You won’t have shots to waste, you will need to make every shot count. Therefore, we need to square the fundamentals away before even thinking of touching on the tactical stuff.

A professional is someone who only does the basics better.

Bonus – Use the wheel below to analyze your own shot placement.

Follow along in the video below.

LEFT-HANDED SHOOTERS TAKE NOTE – you have to mirror the wheel – left becomes right.