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Stefan Maritz

Stefan comes from a military background in the SADF as a Parabat. With extensive military training and experience he went into the private security industry and saw service in various hotspots throughout Africa and the Middle East. Currently heading operations in Africa, from time to time he will join our teams in South Africa to […]

Nelis Nel

Nelis started his career in the SA Defence Force in 1986.  He qualified himself as a physical training instructor and was intensively involved in the training of new recruits in various disciplines’ such as Combat Firearm Training, Drill, Class Presentation in various subjects and Physical Training. In 1988 he was employed as a clerk at […]

Riaan Coetzee

Riaan Coetzee joined the SADF in 1984. After basic military training he proudly served in the SAAF for 13 years.Because he has grown up with, and always loved and respected firearms, it was almost a foregone conclusion that some kind of shooting sport would form a central part of his everyday life. After years of […]

Deon Coetzee

Deon started Special Combat Services (SCS) in 1997. SCS trained its own group of specialist operators to act as deterrent against farm attacks. SCS operators were trained to work in small 2- or 4 man teams and operate covertly on farms for up to 4 weeks at a time without resupply.  During 2009, the complete […]