A New age is dawning

A New age is dawning

The new year has begun with speed that can only baffle. All around are businesses working full steam, people barely catching breath to stay aloft. Working to stay floating in this ocean of ever intimidating waves that we have to deal with day in and day out. Some of us are satisfied with our lives and are only in this rat race to maintain what we have and to make an honest living, but for others, there are the possibility of realising a lifelong dream.

Regardless of ones position of standing in this new year, tucked away during the race for victory over the day, are certain dreams, – fears, and -echoes of past failures.

We tend to hide them for various reasons, but they are there, fully alive, and affecting us in some manner on a subconscious level, permeating into consciousness in some form of emotion or behaviour.
Some of these issues come to our attention during the late hours of the night as we might dream of, or struggle over certain matters or life scenarios.

I would like to address each of them shortly.

The question that might arise is why we at Fortis Group address a psychological matter?
Fact is that all human life and actions have a deep psychological background, and we at Fortis Group appreciate the importance of such factors, which we believe further distances us from the rest of “just security” companies, in the fact that we follow a holistic approach to a safe and secure way of living, offering freedom.

I would like to address fear first…
Fear can be the single biggest hurdle in our way of success or a happy life. Being in the field of safety and security, relationships, or even work,  fear can be debilitating and crippling. Fear to stand up for your rights, to address important issues in relationships, to move out of your comfort zone,  or even to just do something different.

“Always do what you are afraid to do”.
R.W.Emerson (1803-1882)

Fear also plays an important part in personal growth, and when we push ourselves to face our fears and conquer them we grow immensely. My personal opinion is when you overcome your fear you open up doors to endless possibilities to find in life one of the most important and precious things-Your true self.

Of course when we choose a life of safety in which we challenge ourselves not, there will always be that empty space with the question of do we really have what it takes?
So having a positive outlook on fear, when we face something and we are afraid, we can understand, and appreciate that the fear we experience precedes immense personal growth that, when accomplished, will enable us to make great strides in our lives in whatever division of life that we choose.

On Failure

Past failures can be a significant stumbling block in the sense of generating fear or even anxiety for the immediate future, and so can be a major hurdle.  In such a case it is our own negative thoughts surrounding our failures that motivates our subconscious to respond with negative “propaganda” about ourselves and our abilities that ultimately affect our confidence. What’s worse is because the propaganda come from within ourselves we accept it as true, and also mistakenly link our beliefs to what we assume other people think of us. In reality, a whole different truth might exist that you simply do not take note of because of your false beliefs about yourself.

I have many a time wondered how we can switch past failures around and make them an encouragement to help us carry on with even more determination in life….and the best solution is to think of failures in a positive light. Past failures can really be quite positive in our future in the sense of experience, given the fact that we have learned from our mistakes, and are determined to avoid such situations in the future by doing things differently. In such a scenario your past failures are offering more freedom in the future, which brings me to your dreams.

“No bird soars too high, If he soars on his own wings”. – William Blake (1757-1827)

Every dream is a possibility waiting to become a reality by your doing. Chris Heintz said that “If we dream too long we can lose the will to realise them”. How true a statement.

How many of us has become stuck at some point in our lives and buried our dreams because it is just easier to bury our dreams than to face reality and fight for what we really want. How many of you still have dreams…or have you killed them so dead that they’ve died??

Just take a moment now…and let your mind go…and imagine that a miracle happened last night. Just imagine that that miracle changed everything that you wanted to be different in your life…and Now imagine what would be different… What would be different…What would be different.

One of  the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different outcome. How many of us, me included, do exactly that.

So in this new year, relating to faith, love, relationships, work, dreams, safety and security, or even weight loss, if we want things to be different, we have to start  doing things differently.


The reason why I chose the head of the new years message as “a new age is dawning” is because I believe the population of south Africa is tired to live lives governed by criminals and the fear their activities instill. I know that among our readers, there people that faced the grim reality of the criminal underworld, and not hoping to relive any part of those events ever again. I enter this year with the new hope that more and more people are getting active and making a new beginning in refusing to be a victim. Starting to do things differently, not only in other areas of their lives but also regarding their own safety and security in this country.

A new age is dawning in which our people become aware of the reality they are faced with and actually doing something about it by taking responsibility for their own safety. We at Fortis Group are proud to help you take that responsibility and to offer the solutions for such safety actions. We will continually improve wherever we can and as such, offer the best there is. Spread the word, and encourage a vision of freedom

Happy and blessed new year!

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