4. Last Line of Defence

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4. Last Line of Defence

So what next? You now have your defensive lines in position.

1. Being your awareness level – of the surrounds and of your immediate property.

2. Being the early warning system alarm that will warn you inside your house once you have intruders on your property and where they are.

3. You have your tactical safety plan worked out. Your family knows what to do in case those alarms start going off.

It has come to this – you are now the last line of defence. Having had the early warning, you had the chance to contact help (security co, the police, neighbours) (hopefully you called every man and his dog because in tip 2 you have learnt to get to know the whole neighbourhood).

But what happens in the next 5 or 10 minutes until someone actually responds to your distress call? This is the most crucial moment of all. The moment your tactical safety plan kicks in. This is the moment that you have (hopefully) practised a couple of times beforehand. You and your family now becomes the last line of defence. You need to put up a defensive line so strong that any would be attacker should realise very quickly that today was the wrong day to get out of bed.

A crucial part of this last line of defence according to us, is to have enough suppressive firepower to lay down. Now how do you get enough suppressive firepower when you are allowed only one firearm by law? And when this is a handgun holding all of 9-15 rounds. And its been some time since you fired it. And you are all hyped up on adrenaline. And you are thinking “am I allowed to shoot on sight, cause I can’t remember what the course taught me”. And and and.

If you read up on military strategy, one of the bases of any platoon or patrol or stick or group or call-it-what-you-want-group-of-infantrymen, is to have at least one machine gunner amongst them. This person will carry (in modern armies) either a GPMG, LMG or any other belt-fed heavy machine gun. The purpose of this guy is to lay down covering fire for the rest of his team so that they can carry out tactical manoeuvres once the bullets start flying. (Preferably not a tactical retreat)

He will keep up a high rate of fire and lay down enough lead to keep the enemy’s head down in order for his team to advance tactically and position themselves in such a way as to get the upper-hand in the firefight.

We have found a weapon that can lay down this suppressive fire when you and your family are stacked up against the odds. The beauty of this weapon is that it requires no licence, can be bought for less than R3000 and gives you a 200-round magazine. Furthermore, the recoil is not noticeable, so that you and your wife and your son can each have a weapon like this and lay down enough suppressive fire to make an attacker think that his was a very stupid career move.

We use this weapon very successful in teams of 4 and more operators when operating on farms. A team of 4 trained operators can cause a whole lot of damage once they start working like a machine and tactics come into play. The option open to them to either advance or beat that tactical retreat to live to fight another day.

I can promise you however, that once a would-be attacker walks into your house and in the dark is hit by these babies, he WILL reconsider his position seriously.

Enter the latest model paintball gas markers (gas guns).

As the video below demonstrates, this gun can either tenderise your meat for you, or gives you an excellent less lethal alternative when it comes to personal defence. When using the correct ammo – a mixture of nylon glass filled balls and pepper-balls – you have 200 rounds of ammo  to take to a firefight. Add a laser to your gun and its point and shoot all the way. Sure, you might demolish some of your finer pieces of furniture and china, but that is a small price to pay.

You can have one for you, one for your wife, one for your older kids and soon you have a well prepared team inside your house which will have perpetrators think twice about their intentions.

Have a look at the demo videos here.

NB – this is not a toy and should be treated as such. If you decide to kit out your family, you are responsible to ensure their safety at all times. Not recommended for children to play with and carry around as toys. Treat these markers as you would a real firearm and train, train, train.

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