Who We Are

Fortis – Who Are We?

Fortis was started in 1997 to actively fight farm attacks and crime in the Eastern Free State. We had an in depth look at the problem and what was being done to fight crime on farms. Fortis realised that what was done as safety measures at that time was not nearly sufficient. Security companies could not stop crime on farms, because their members were not trained to tackle this specialist task.

To take on farm murderers require specialist training, specialist equipment and specialist methods. Thus Fortis started training their own group of specialist operators. These operators had to pass a strict selection process to qualify to be trained as operators. Candidates had to pass a one month selection phase before training even started. The successful candidates were trained over a 6 month period before they were used in their capacity as Fortis operators.


Since inception a couple of our A sqdn members have joined British and French special forces and have completed successful military careers – in some instances 10 year careers, with various tours of Iraq, Afghanistan and many other hot spots. Those operators are still involved with Fortis – either directly or indirectly as consultants. Some of our operators are still actively involved in the international war against terrorism and piracy.

Since 2009 Fortis changed its approach. It simply was not cost effective for farmers to “hire” our operators anymore. We then decided to empower farmers, their families and farming communities as a whole, with the knowledge, experience and tactics we have built up over the years. Fortis underwent a metamorphosis and started a countrywide initiative against crime – not limited to farms anymore. We also started training various farmer groups with huge success.

By using less lethal products such as the Thor perimeter defence mine and the Defender range of gasguns, we combined these with the correct tactics and knowledge of the law to empower SA citizens to fight crime effectively. South Africa law and especially the firearm law is busy crippling the citizens of South Africa to such an extent that they feel totally powerless in defending themselves. Although this statement is true to a certain extent, we have various methods and various tools that we use to teach people how to defend themselves and their loved ones by staying within the law.


Our whole drive is aimed at pro-active awareness and action, together with the use of gasguns that shoot pepper ammo, and this is the model we use to fight crime effectively. One of the biggest mistakes made by people is to think that “it will not happen to me”, or that they don’t need training, because they fought in the border war and got all the training they needed. Nothing could be further from the truth. We see how ineffective people’s safety systems are on a daily basis. We also know that training of 20 years plus ago holds no value if you don’t practice those techniques daily. If it were, then farm attacks would not have happened.

The question therefore is – how serious are you about you and your family’s safety? 

Serious enough to attend a training session? 

Or are you counting on training that is only a vague trace in your memory?

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