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(A) We have a specialised group of operators who handles active farm defence.

(B) All the tactical equipment you can buy from us is thoroughly tested by our operators on the farms. This means we only sell high quality equipment and we can also give best advise on what works. We also sell a host of related equipment, such as less lethal gas guns, knives, tactical torches, self defense tools and bullet proof protection

(C) Our training courses can be tailor made to suit your needs but we offer training in various areas – from farm safety, mine security, tactical combatives, self defence concepts, knife defence, pepperspray, anti-rape and awareness training to name a few.

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What are YOU doing to avoid you and your family becoming the victims of ruthless criminals?

South African Citizens have become Victims of War

There is no time to beat about the bush any longer: Criminals have declared war on ordinary South African Citizens. South Africa has officially been declared the country with the highest murder rate in the world. Statistics tell the grim tale that more South Africa farmers have been killed in farm attacks already that the total death toll during the Anglo-Boer War. Respected analysts agree that one in five South African women will be raped during her lifetime.

It has become virtually impossible to open a newspaper, to listen to or watch the news on radio or television without some vicious home attack, robbery, high-jacking or murder having taken place somewhere in the country. Gone are the days when criminals broke into a house or targeted a farm with the sole intention to steal or rob. The looting seems to have taken second place to the lust to inflict maximum pain, maim, rape, and murder in the most horrific ways possible.

The agony also does not end with the act itself. Hardly any attention is paid by the media to the life-long implications of the attack – families suffering untold hardships because the breadwinner has been mowed down in the prime of his life, or has been reduced to a paraplegic or quadriplegic; wives and daughters suffering lifelong mental and emotional anguish as a result of vicious rapes – often gang-rapes; years of rehabilitation before victims can regain a smattering of the quality of life they knew before the attack – the list is frightening, to say the least.



My family and I had bought Defenders and done Fortis Tactical Combatives Training up to module 3. We live on a farm and on May 5 2012 at 2am we used the guns and training to prevent farm attackers to hurt or rob us …… [read more]
Hi Fortis Net ‘n kort briefie om te laat weet dat Defender Kompakt gewere wat ons verlede jaar vir Myn Beskermingsdienste aangekoop het ‘n wenner is! …… [read more]
Dear Nelis & Riaan, I woke up early on Saturday morning with mixed feelings whether I should attend the course on Saturday as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and if this is really for me …… [read more]

(full, original testimonials available on request).

Defend your family within your legal rights

  • Consider forfeiting the quality of life you have toiled to achieve over many years, and leaving our beautiful country – thereby admitting defeat in the war against the criminal element of our society?
  • Place a sign on the front gate of your home, or in the window of your vehicle: “This house/car/caravan is protected by Psalm 23”?
  • Emulate South Africa’s big wingless bird by burying your head in the sand, and believing that it cannot happen to you or your loved ones?
  • Keep vicious watch-dogs?
  • Turn your house and property into a virtual jail in an attempt to keep criminals at bay?
  • Pay hard-earned money to one of South Africa’s around 9 000 security firms to protect you via panic buttons and armed response?
  • Belong to the local Neighbourhood Watch?

What people do not seem to understand is that while the latter four responses have a place in your overall security strategy, they represent merely the first and second lines of defence, or reaction after the event; but not the ultimate answer to you and our family successfully preventing or surviving an attack, emerging as Victors instead of Victims – while staying within the confines of South African Law.

Is there any solution to this situation? 

The sad fact is that our Police Service is so stretched in respect of numbers, equipment, money, expertise, and sadly in many cases integrity of some members that they simply cannot meet the overwhelming demands the country’s crime rate is putting on them. 

It is up to US to ensure that we have the knowledge and savvy to in the very first place prevent an attack from taking place; and secondly to fend it off successfully if it does happen until the other security measures can kick in.

But HOW can we achieve this? 

Welcome to Fortis Pro-Active Defence Solutions 

We are widely recognised experts in crime prevention and fighting, tackling the problem at the 4 crucial levels necessary to become a Victor instead of a Victim of crime: 

  • Mindset: To create pro-active awareness and response capability through positive conditioning
  • Strategy: To have a comprehensive, realistic plan of prevention and action in place
  • Skills: To empower your whole family through professional training to respond correctly and purposefully to any attack (and you don’t have to be athletic at all to master the techniques)
  • Weaponry: We have developed a formidable array of non-lethal weaponry that can be handled by men, women and children alike to ward of attacks, even by whole gangs; and can be used within the confines of South African Law without any licensing requirement.

For more information about us, our services and our weaponry, click on the relevant menu buttons. You are also welcome to visit our showroom to have a look at our weaponry and accessories.

Not A Toy

These are not Toy Plastic Guns. They Are Solid Gas Guns That Weighs In Excess Of 3Kg When Operational. Not To Be Confused With Cheap Plastic BB Guns From Toy Stores And Flea Markets. They Are Used As Less Lethal Weapons By Police Forces Around The World. Read Below How These Guns Pertain To The Law.

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